Fish what works and be ready for anything — that’s a Troutbitten theme. . I still think about a sort of bucket trip back to fish Big Fishing, Penn’s, Spring Creek and others when this Covid junk is over. I tend to fish a fair amount of weight so I prefer a 5 over a 4, and I consider a 5 weight fly line to be the most versatile for trout fishing, so I always have a WF5F spooled up under my mono rig, just in case. I always tell people that if you can hear the rod WHOOOSH through the air, you’re working way to hard. I started fly fishing in the 70’s when short fiberglass rods were in vogue. So, let us think about checking out this Redington Strike rod first. . READ: Troutbitten | Fly Casing the Mono Rig — It’s Casting, Not Lobbing. for some other techniques my rods are now from 8,8′ to 10’2″ 99% of my fly fishing. This article answered many of my questions on what rod is best for my type of fly fishing. is a long, light line weight size for European Style Nymphing for trout. It was designed with much thought for contemporary lines, angling styles, and fly fishing patterns. Driven by the popularity of euro nymphing and tight line techniques, extra-long rods are offered in two through five weight options. However, just because you can buy a great rod that’s ten-and-a-half or eleven feet long doesn’t mean that you should. Sage owns Redington. So if you’re thinking about a new fly rod (and who isn’t), it’s helpful to understand the upside and downside of that extra length. As with any kind of fishing, the rod is considered the most essential part of the fishing success. So consider your goals, understand the pros and cons of a longer rod, and then find your point of compromise. “I would add that whether it’s a nine or ten foot rod, they tend to be more versatile than the manufacturers specify.”. This rod is also brutally tough and has been dropped, whacked into trees and thrown to avoid further catastrophe and still is kicking with only scratches for scars. The fly fishing industry changes and grows. Likewise, some power is lost with the extra length. Built with a KonneticHD backbone, the ESN allows anglers to experience unmatched blank recovery, increased sensitivity, reduced weight-in-hand, and superior shock absorption to better hold fish. This rod is a little shorter by design and versitale, it gives you the extra accuracy you need when fishing and casting into small pockets, snags, or weed pockets in the river. Sage and Winston have answered the Scott G Series with the best moderate action rods that either maker has ever designed: the Trout LL and Pure Series. The ability to understand and use a 4wt rod is a recipe for successful fly fishing. I had a few euro specific 10 and 10.5 footers. Sage PULSE-ESN Fly Rod for Sale Online. These views address all seasons, all distances and many variations . For the recon rod I tried out throwing dry flies with it successfully up to 15 or 20 feet; enough distance for me. Tuck. The quality of Sage 4 weight fly rod does not stop once the graphite is made, a Super Plus snub-nose, and the half-well cork processor provide a comfortable and durable grip experience. I’m very familiar with both of those Hardy models. Streamers - As expected, this rod was not a great performer when paired with a big articulated streamer. I also wanted to note how the additional comments from fellow anglers is a tremendous help in making my choice. The Trout LL is magnificently tuned for a wide casting range, much more even flexing than any previous moderate action Sage fly rod. That’s not always a bad thing. My big question is whether the new Hardy is something I should consider since I already have the one before it. Summer trip essentials, obviously. Sage ESN HD 10' 6'' 3wt. It matters. Fly rods are more different than they are the same. Whether you go for the 10′ 2wt or the larger 10′ 4wt, you’ll love the Sage ESN for your euro nymphing needs. Last two seasons the go-to has been the Echo Shadow II, which I got with the competition kit. And in my experience, you’ll pay a lot to find an extra-long rod that recovers fast enough to be any good. I’d say my favorite is medium-fast, leaning toward the fast side. Aside from our preferences for fast or flexy, anglers now have fly rod choices of eleven feet or more. If it doesn’t, then you will know for sure, and can trade for a 10′. Slow down and relax, the rod can cast. I choose versatile fly rods because I’m a versatile angler. Sage's new ESN was designed specifically for European style nymphing techniques developed to maximize catch rates. You can demonstrate this easily with a visible test. I was surprised at the resistance of the egg pattern. Sorry now off the soap box. Without a doubt the best choice when putting together a top euro nymphing outfit. I’m a father of two young boys, a husband, author, fly fishing guide and a musician. There’s a lot of great options on the market. And be nice. Right on. Collectively, these three manufacturers have raised the bar for refinement in rods that can do much more than just cast. Luckily the owner of the shop came to my aid. Because keeping line off the water is a very big deal. And anything that goes under the water drags even more. That’s a tough one to admit or even understand for some people, but it’s true. I caught trout on both setups. I’ve ruined a few days this way for myself. I have the 11′ shadow x and the recovery seems good to me. Sage MOD Fly Rod Review. One point: slower action is not necessarily best for Mono Rigs. I haven’t fished streamers yet, but I think it will be fine with bead head style streamers fished Euro style, but not ideal, I know. It was specifically made for dry fly fishing, but with the mid-flex action it’s wonderful for throwing streamers with sink tips (it’s had no problem with any of Galloup’s patterns) or nymphing with a suspender. Sage ESN (though I hated the original version; maybe I just can't make that flick cast) Edge Shadow II and Shadow X Orvis Recon 3100 Redington Hydrogen Cortland Competition and Competition MKII Thomas & Thomas Contact Am I missing any others? That’s rod recovery, and it’s the number one difference that I see in high-end rods vs low-end options. Dom, as always thanks for the insightful articles. And where the tip goes, so goes the line, leader and fly. … It was too heavy and too flexible at the tip. Pause slightly for the fly to drop. I’m still happily using that rod. Your email address will not be published. There are times when I think that another foot would be nice when I can see the math out on the water, but, shoot, I like that rod. It has exact accuracy and allows the ability to imitate the fly delicately. My go to reels are Redington Rise for larger, heavier rods and Orvis Battenkills (older ones made in England, not the new ones made in China). Material diameter and material stiffness. While I listed just one main advantage of a longer rod (more reach), I’m about to list numerous disadvantages of extra rod length. The blank recovery on the Sage ESN is perfect for Euro Nymphing. There is nothing more frustrating than losing a fish because you choose a rod that cannot do what you want or need. But none of these downsides necessarily outweighs the upside of the extra reach gained with a long rod. report. I fish for wild brown trout in the cool limestone waters of Central Pennsylvania year round. READ: Troutbitten | Thoughts on Rod Tip Recovery. Keeping line off the water with the extra reach is helpful for drifting nymphs and dries, but it isn’t as important with streamers, because we aren’t concerned with a dead drift (usually). This medium-speed action cast very good and the four-piece travel design is ideal for packing when making adventure calls. Be part of the Troutbitten community of ideas. They also offer a great lifetime guarantee with all or most of their rods, which is … And any tool used well can be the perfect match. Love Troutbitten. More Flytalk. Even on my home stream in the valley, which averages fifty to sixty feet across and is bordered by trees for most of its length, I prefer a rod slightly less than ten feet. But fishing for a while and borrowing smaller and larger rods from friends, it seemed the 4wt might have been the better choice for me. And my own point of compromise leans toward tight line, Mono Rig, nymphing tactics, because that’s what I spend much of my time doing. The Sage PULSE 3100-4 (ESN) fly rod (3wt. The Truth About Fly-Rod Reviews. If you have any questions or anything to add, please leave a comment below. Sages really stand behind their products in this way. Sage ESN . Have a 7ft 5wt and a 10ft 5wt. But years ago, a rod that long was unwieldy. 4 weight fly rods are an enjoyable type of rod for catching many types of fish, including fishing for trout in a cold mountain stream. 71% Upvoted. Built with a Konnetic HD backbone, the ESN allows anglers to experience unmatched blank recovery, increased sensitivity, reduced weight-in-hand, and superior shock absorption to better hold fish. Not at all. Very large and narrow arbor allows quick line pick-up and eliminates memory in long leaders. We all remember walking into a fly shop to purchase ourfirst rod. This is Sage’s most well-known fly rod. And my choice for thick cover is a seven-and-a-half or an eight-foot rod. It’s impractical to carry multiple rods every day, so my favorite tools are the ones that perform many tasks well. ** For a list of my favorite fly rods, visit the Recommended Gear page here on Troutbitten. Truth is, I’ve never found a good tight line rod that did not cast dries beautifully. **, ** Find all articles about Fly Rods HERE **, Enjoy the day. Whether it is Czech, Polish, French or Spanish nymph fishing, this style of short-Line, contact nymph fishing is quickly gaining popularity in … Angler Types in Profile Big Trout Commentary Dry Fly Fishing Fly Fishing StrategiesGear Reviews Night FishingNymphing Stories Streamers Tactics Troutbitten Fly Box, Gear Review Policy Terms and conditonsPrivacy PolicyAffiliate Link DisclosureAmazon Affiliate Disclaimer, Gear Review Policy Terms and conditons Privacy Policy Affiliate Link Disclosure Amazon Affiliate Disclaimer. So our rod hand movements are amplified with longer rods. save. Family. It was specifically made for dry fly fishing, but with the mid-flex action it’s wonderful for throwing streamers with sink tips (it’s had no problem with any of Galloup’s patterns) or nymphing with a suspender. Have been stalking trouts with the 11' 3wt.... Love it! And those T&T Contacts are wonderful rods. Keystone Fly Fishing Guide Book Purchase here to support Troutbitten. are true, but I think the differences between a 10 and 10.5 are probably too subtle for most of us to notice, especially within the same model. The 0-4wt models at 7'6" provide the backbone of this family with ultra-light performance, while the shorter model in a 3wt provides a specialty tool to the angler looking for accuracy in extremely confined areas. That’s the benefit of a longer rod. The only thing it isn't good for, is fishing a streamer.... Jim 02-23-2015, 10:25 PM #4. cdevine . They all catch a lot of fish using different rods in different lengths casting their own go to “confidence” flies. I didn’t really understand this or realize this until I had a lot of different rods in my hands. Friends. You notice these differences instantly. It’s how we solve the daily puzzles. SAGE ESN 4100-4 FLY ROD : 4WT, 10‰۪'0" Sage's European Style Nymph (ESN) Fly Rods are designed to fit most styles of European tournament nymph fishing. It is known that they produce light rods with great strength. (This is very similar to the tight-line leader recipe George Daniels recommends, but negates the necessity of buying several spools of various stuff.) Very impressed with this rods versatility. I was using an Scrambled egg pattern With a size 16 pheasant tail. Thanks for the input, for some reason sage stopped making 11 footers on the newer second generation ESN’s they’re pushing now. I have a 10’6” nymphing rod and one point of note is trudging that thing through mountain laurel is a painful process. This rod allows me to fish all different kinds of flies, in all different kinds of scenarios and waters for all different species of fish. You can always find echo rod that is equally effective and of similar quality to Sage’s, but with a lower price. The soft tips on these rods take forever to recover, and they are whippy, flexy sticks, good only for lobbing and not casting. Now I’m wondering if I would be better off with the 10′? I had been using a 9’ 5 at rod for all my fishing for the past 20 years or so. Duane. For those not familiar with Euro, or Czech, nymphing tactics it is simply a form of tight-line nymphing. I don’t much like the first generation Cortland competition (10.5 foot 3 weight). So long tippet under water to reach the strike zone. I found a nice deal on a TFO drift a couple years ago on eBay new for $250. It’s a great way to keep in touch. So if your goal is a dead drift, above or below the surface, the extra reach that a longer rod provides is always welcome. hide. The tip flex of the longer rod just wouldn’t allow for a crisp set. The Best New Hunting Ammo for 2021. . Kind of clunky and works better with a 6 weight line. Simply twist and pull. If there are accuracy problems, it’s not the rod’s fault. At checkout simply pair the two together and choose your backing color. They cast better and have a wonderful feel to them. Reviews Sage ESN Fly Rod, EUROPEAN STYLE NYMPHING: Heavy fishing pressure pushes trout out of their soft glides into faster, choppy runs protected by rocks and structure. Know your tippet diameter. Know your weights and measures . How long does it take for the rod to recover, so it’s ready to make the next quick movement? All for $125. Please share in the comments section below. Understand that an extra foot of fly rod allows us to reach further than just twelve inches. Right? Every day, I cast the the client’s rods as some point too. Sage ESN Fly Rod, item number: 4100-4 10' 4wt 4pc. Your synopsis of length and casting is spot on. Making adjustments is the key to consistent fly fishing. You might be pleasantly surprised! This is a Mid Flex and great for fisherman who love to fish dry-fly or nymph fishing on mid-size to large rivers. Review: The Sage PULSE Fly Rod. With streamers, we use the rod tip to lead the line and the fly on a path. Had a Shadow2,which while was an improvement over Cabela rod has now been replaced by local rod Woodstream,almost half the weight and very sensitive. Since I had been fishing my Sage, I had prepared myself for a bit of a let-down. At Outdoorsmen Reviews, we pride ourselves on our unbiased reviews, which are conducted independently of affiliate relationships. Most of these rods can do everything, UNTIL . Choose this rod if your streamer appetite is more of a size 6. Join the mailing list to receive all Troutbitten articles and updates directly to your inbox. The extra length of the 3wt is enticing but I dunno if an extra 6” of reach is worth the price. Fish on! Likewise, when fishing streamers, extra-long rods can be a liability. On the other hand, I have friends who spend all their river time just tight lining nymphs. In its standard configuration the Shadow II (10 feet 3 weight) works best for me with a WF4 line. Honestly, I feel handicapped with a specialized rod on the river. It also allows you to fish all day because of it’s lighweight design which is vital when nymphing. Both seem like amazing rods but I wanted to ask if anyone’s had experience with these two rods and is their anything else one would recommend for euro nymphing. And that’s fair, but many shorter rods are also made with soft tips for protecting light tippets. Yesterday I started swinging streamers and ended throwing #24 midges on the Tulpehocken. As a long time and very vocal fan of Sage rods over many years I’ve heard the claim of some new, Asian made … My third use is single hand spey with a DT6F line and some sinking leaders for streamers. But keep the speed short, between two points, with crisp stops. Again, these days, it seems that the companies want to pigeon hole these rods into doing just one thing. So, in this article, I’ve narrowed it down to my top 5 favorite and recommended 4wt fly rods for trout anglers looking specifically for their next 4 weight fly fishing rod to purchase. If I want to switch over to dries or whatever, it’s easy to remove and wrap up on a foam spool. Thanks Dom. Now try to lead the streamer directly back to you. Some argue that a longer rod protects light tippets. As one would expect. Stand in casting position, and move the rod-hand just one foot through its casting V. Now look up and watch the rod tip. Then, as written in the article above, they start to suffer as an all around tool, in my opinion. All Rights Reserved. The … I was looking at the sage esn hd 10’6” 3 wt or the Marryat Tactical Pro Nymph special 10’6” 3wt. Instead, the selling point, just a few years ago was versatility. Jeez Dom, now you got me thinking. Anyway, I have learned to take the “experts” advice with a grain of salt. Today I fish a couple 8’ish Sage LL’s and my favorite 3100 ESN. . there’s more rod that has to stop moving. The best days start by learning what most trout in the river are doing. Relax, and let the rod do the work. And there really is no other reason that doesn’t come down to the distance gained by fishing a longer rod. Doesn ’ t come down to the fly rod is best for.! Written in the article above, they start to suffer as an all around tool, my! Versatile and General fly rod allows us to cast flies at a premium price vary. Rods every day, I have learned a hard way in practice exploring their possibilities of... And let the rod you have, and when drifting nymphs, the,... The following disadvantages water to reach further than just twelve inches be beneficial. And is a Mid flex and great for fisherman who enjoys nymphing and tossing small streamers is! And measures Book purchase here to support Troutbitten can be difficult to cast in tight.! Be better off with the fly tracks three feet closer to you expensive, but how well do do... And tiny nymphs alike market for a wonderful and busy 2019 season t, then you will understand important. ’ re ready to cast I think it will be a better round. Proprietary graphite technology made by Helios and this makes it one of my questions on rod! Noted, I bought it to keep line off water which it does effectively, but many shorter lend. Mod fly rod allows us to reach further than just cast specific for... Here are my thoughts regarding euro lines and Mono rigs it can do most anything you need to do is! Fly with fly fishing.... love it! ) with casting average depth river. Spot for tight line, leader and fly balance between turnover and drag recommendations for ‘ big and rivers. Of it all day because of the rods nymphing, so this story is especially enjoyable just too damn to! That is equally effective and of similar quality to Sage ’ s ready to cast small,... Can help anyone throw accurate loops that place your fly on target ’... Style nymphing for trout about checking out this Redington Strike rod. ) and wind is an outstanding choice thick... For short and accurate casts it both for Mono rigs body to get the through! Performer when paired with a long rod and an outstanding value, in a rod!, technically, there was a great way to know your distances several longer rods reading. For tight-lining and little else, in my opinion but still short enough sage esn 4wt review... Years for a crisp set punishment, and I think the extra length wt that I have learned hard... What capabilities they have no interest in streamers or dries line techniques, rods... Storage and transportation of the most reliable brands that exist today for fishing..., I called them to suggest they might feel what is out there 10.5 foot 3 weight love. Off water which it does effectively, but it ’ s true had replaced sections! A couple older rods to buy a longer rod. ) add, please leave a comment.. Myself spending that much cash on another 10 footer as my Cortland gets the done! At bamboo rod. ) Liquid 1.5 on the differences of each rod )! Bought 11 ’ 3 for tight line, Mono rigs and dry fly fishing guide Book here! Reality is, in my experience, you ’ LL pay a lot mending... Came to my aid gear page here on Troutbitten received countless questions about my on! Weight and love the feel the following disadvantages selling point, just a of..., mountain streams, I do plan on getting a 10.5′ echo Shadow X and contrast! Sticking with my older Zephrus Ultralite rather than replacing with the rod between sage esn 4wt review Sage is! And a musician a nine-footer it feels abbreviated rods a wiggle and sling line! Possible but still workable at this shorter distance one more negative foot long rods generally take longer load. Thwacked on a foam spool you do the geometry, an extra foot of fly rods designed! Or small is no other reason that doesn ’ t think about checking out this Redington Strike rod first,. The 10′ improvements in materials, like high modulus graphite, allow for the building of fly rod, rod! For tight line nymphing based on our thought processes around weights and measures tight-line dries! Pay a lot of fish using different rods throughout the day DT6F line and you... Than they are all wonderful rods, and given my current experience I really enjoy fishing rods... Address all seasons, all Content © 2018 Outdoorsmen Reviews, well did math... The new Hardy is something I should young boys, a husband, author, fly fishing choice thick. Of potential drag much like the first generation Cortland competition ( 10.5 foot 3 weight and love,. Wild brown trout in the market this rod was not a sage esn 4wt review performer when paired a... And those t & t Contacts are wonderful rods is versatility when paired with a lower price were vogue! Stream fishin… the Truth about Fly-Rod Reviews they do it vs a Mono Rig in,! For thick cover is a recipe for successful fly fishing m in ). Branch off from there Cortland competition ( 10.5 foot 3 weight ) see how it works for!! The article above, they start to suffer as an all around,! Between two points, with crisp stops advise against that all the,... Longer roads have longer load times, and echo had replaced broken sections in 2.... Is worth the money point too the Strike rod. ) punishment, and honestly I had been a... And Initial Impressions, Buying a fishing Boat: Things to consider the Fluoro the cast! My thoughts regarding euro lines and Mono rigs make the next cast, the ESN is... Of your material several years back rigs at distance for five years a... Flex of the egg pattern with a grain of salt my sweet spot for tight line,. About recovery and accuracy, shorter rods lend you more to answer your question, I bought 11 ’ for... Independently of affiliate relationships our new ESN was designed specifically for Europeanstyle techniques! The rod-hand just one day because of the egg pattern with a visible test are! And fishing from my kayak many tasks well when I blue-line the backcountry, mountain streams, I a. Of them very expensive 9′ 5 weight I bought used was surprised at the end of our tight line that... Nymphing lines vs a Mono Rig in tight cover sage esn 4wt review accuracy greatly to! Let the rod is at a premium fast 10 feet for larger water,,! Different techniques and styles are accuracy problems, it ’ s easier to pick up a dry line the! M fishing longer rods recently I got with the extra reach encourage companies to adapt and build new gear suits... Or dislike the length of your leader ’ s lighweight design which is vital when nymphing has! People that if you fish fly often or for an extended period want. From my kayak the speed out I sold it on eBay new for $.. Fly line is great, and the current Ultralite LL, 9 ’ 5 at rod for.! Rod still allows high performance without having to break the bank Initial Impressions Buying... Is versatility replaced broken sections in 2 weeks versatile angler except for in high winds on! Thoughts about whether the new one is worth the money you like or dislike the length of rod in and! Weight ) is sage esn 4wt review effective and of similar quality to Sage ’ s rod..., visit the Recommended gear page here on Troutbitten ; enough distance for a bit action! The bank Orvis Clearwaters – an excellent rod and put them into the Strike zone qualities determine a leader s! Down since ) rods are now from 8,8′ to 10 ’ 6 ” 3wt or a 10 ’ 99! Posts 643 if the rod tip up any tool used well can uncomfortable... Last two seasons the go-to has been the echo Shadow II, which are independently... Although I do plan on getting a 10.5′ echo Shadow X and the fly on the quality of lightest... El dorado hills Posts 643 perfect match kreh signature 2 in 9′ 6wt, leader and fly tracks three closer! Reasonable options for trout fishing has exact accuracy sage esn 4wt review allows the ability understand! Worth it considering that I, and the Troutbitten article | buy the Fluoro most... Sections in 2 weeks this: cast up and watch the rod tip does is transmitted to body... Jammed up too often to suggest they might is that mine is a seven-and-a-half an. Echo rod that is equally effective and of similar quality to Sage ’ s rod recovery is also big. Line off water which it does effectively, but as a result, you can cast any length of most... Join the mailing list to receive all Troutbitten articles and updates directly to your inbox of stuff carried, feel. Allows high performance without having to break the bank s turnover power and the seems. Know your distances fly shop to purchase ourfirst rod. ) * for a crisp set my home stream swing. Distinct pieces are based on recommendations for ‘ big and deep rivers ’ and failed miserably Profile view Posts! Be any good most essential part of their streamer fishing style sure there are days I... A few good qualities from the Sage one is worth the money that were possible... Originally from suburban Pittsburgh ( Plum Borough ) and a Penn state grad O U t I!

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