You can further ask why she's here then, and Mjoll will elaborate on her past: "Many years ago I lost my blade, 'Grimsever,' within a Dwemer ruin. Once she becomes a follower, the sword becomes accessible through the dialogue option to trade items with her. Mjoll's "shopkeeper" function may fail to work. 2. abs barbarian buff elderscrolls fbb female femalemuscle femalewarrior muscle musclegirl muscular musculargirl nord ripped shieldmaiden skyrim vascular veins viking warrior warriorgirl warriorwoman muscularfemale mjollthelioness mjoll elderscrollsskyrim veinymuscle. I see I still have much to learn. She may also be married, as well as recruited to the Blades. Good to see you again. and telling Edda, "Yes, of course. What have you discovered? If you were to leave, I'd miss you terribly. You always see the good in everything." That ring is irreplaceable. Mjoll says that a Dwemer Centurionbested her in battle, but she was able to crawl out of the ruin just before losing consciousness. ", She will also describe the hardships she faces as Riften's protector: "Its [sic] been difficult. Depending on your reply to Mjoll's opinion on the Thieves Guild, she may be friendly, saying, "Well met, friend. She may talk with other citizens of Riften as well: Mjoll: "Have you prepared the stables like I suggested, Shadr?" She will often talk over other NPCs, even if they are engaged in quest-related dialogue. The Thieves Guild has Maven Black-Briar at her [sic] back. Brand-Shei: "Is it true you chased a thief from your home? Safe to use . Mjoll is always essential, even after completing her quest, which means that she can never be killed. She gains the most pleasure simply by doing the right thing and earning people's trust rather than by earning any material reward. Mjoll: "No, my friend. Yet here you are with my weapon that you could have easily sold or kept for yourself. The Thieves Guild has Maven Black-Briar at her back. If Mjoll is recruited as a member of the Blades, Aerin will follow her to Sky Haven Temple. Wasn't much of a thief though. The Rift She will share daily profits with the Dragonborn, which start at 100 and increase by 100 daily. I would like to make Mjoll the Lioness of RIften my wife. Made enough noise to wake the Red Mountain. The Skyrim base ID for Mjoll the Lioness is 0001336B. Mjoll the Lioness is a Nord warrior and ex-adventurer residing in Riften. Mjoll's default residence is Aerin's House. Race Strange girl. What's the matter?" It seemed like she had an opinion on everything: from the weather, to the best way to slay a Falmer, to my Dovahkiin’s choice in footwear. As the Jarl of Riften, I feel it's my duty to honor your selfless behavior by honoring you with the title Thane of Riften.". Mjoll is an adventurer in Riften wearing banded iron armor, iron boots, iron gauntlets and blue warpaint on her face which makes her look like an extra from Braveheart. he attacks you or the crime is not observed. She is a powerful two-handed warrior; but her favorite sword, Grimsever, is a one-handed glass sword. She can be seen inquiring Brand-Shei about a missing ring: Mjoll: "I was hoping you could help me. Aerin is programmed not to follow Mjoll if she is herself in follower mode. Brand-Shei: "I'm afraid not. I'm sorry.". 22,746. Mjoll's inventory can be opene… Mjoll: "You're a cold, unfeeling bitch." Madesi, also a stall merchant, may talk to Mjoll about the Guild: Madesi: "Hello, Lady Mjoll." ", Aerin: "Well, you were right. Mjoll the Lioness is a Nord warrior and ex-adventurer residing in Riften. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. If Riften gets attacked, we'll retreat inside the city gates and bar the door just like you said." This mod is NOT stand-alone. According to Mjoll, Aerin told her of the problems of his home city of Riften, and Mjoll decided to stay and purge the city of its ills. ", or "Ah, you're back. or "Visitors like us are rare in this part of Skyrim." Mjoll is a kind person with good intentions, but can come off as a little intimidating. Community content is available under. ", "Welcome back! Mjoll the Lioness tells the Dragonborn that in her most recent endeavors, she was nearly killed by a Dwarven Centurion in the ruins of Mzinchaleft. You must give her the sword to complete the quest, but you may take it back from her inventory freely when she is your active follower. Aerin: "I think some of them do, Lady Mjoll. The UESPWiki – Your source for The Elder Scrolls since 1995, Riften Hosue of Mjoll the Lioness Faction,, Skyrim-Factions-Riften Hosue of Mjoll the Lioness Faction, Skyrim-Bugs Fixed by the Unofficial Skyrim Patch, Skyrim-Hearthfire-Bugs Fixed by the Unofficial Hearthfire Patch. Grelka: "Whatever you say.". Now I suggest you turn around and rattle someone else's cage before you get hurt. She may disappear as a follower. or hostile: "Oh, it's you. 5K Views . One slip up and I report you to the guards. It's made of gold with an inscription on the inside that says "sand elske."" Level Created by Aziernoire . Female Barely alive, she was saved by Aerinwho then brought her back to Riften and nursed her back to health. She retired from adventuring after this incident, instead vowing to remain in Riften and protect its people from the corruption that pervades the city. Rarely in my travels have I encountered those who possess skills equal to your own. If it wasn't for Aerin, the young man who saved my life, I think I'd already have given up long ago." It would take a threat to all of Skyrim for me to depart.". Aerin: "I'll look around the house and if I find it, I'll bring it to you right away. [1], She and her parents were very close, her mother often taking her to Solitude to gaze at the ships at the docks. Mjoll may be recruited into the Blades, although Aerin will follow her to Sky Haven Temple. She has traveled Tamriel extensively and claims to be as experienced and well traveled as one can be. The Dovahkiin can encounter in the either the inn or wandering the streets. Download: Manual; 0 of 0 File information. Required Mods KS Hairdos - Renewal Recommended Mods Fair Skin Complexion Credits Enhanced Character Edit KS Hairdos - Renewal Original upload 01 November 2020 1:59AM. Mjoll the Lioness Mjoll can be a follower if you complete her task to find her sword for her and befriend her. ピン: 12 件. Mjoll: "They represent the reason I'm here. How can you be certain? Tag this mod Description ; Files 1; Images 5; Videos 0; … If you'd permit me, I'd be honored to accompany you in your travels for a time." To receive Mjoll's quest, the Dragonborn must be at least level 14 and Mjoll must like them. I must have collapsed, because the next thing I remember is Aerin standing over me tending to my wounds.". My travels have taken me from High Rock to Valenwood, Elsweyr to Morrowind and all points in between." I took it as a sign that I was wasting my days in search of wealth." She will then give you the details, along with a warning: "Grimsever rests with [sic] the Dwemer ruin of Mzinchaleft. Aerin: "It's only because I've had an excellent teacher. How have things been since last week's incident?" This also applies if the Dragonborn purchases. She has traveled Tamriel extensively and claims to be as experienced and well traveled as one can be. This section contains bugs related to Mjoll the Lioness. Don't worry.". Upon entering Riften for the first time, Mjoll can be seen conversing with Aerin about the Thieves Guild and the corruption in the city: Mjoll: "I had another run-in with the Thieves Guild." I'm glad I found you." Warrior During the quest Spread the Love, you can give one religious missive from the Temple of Mara to Mjoll, who will appreciate your gestures: "Thank you. She finally heads home to sleep for six hours, and repeats her schedule the following day. ", If you ask her about the Thieves Guild she will tell you that "To call it a guild is ridiculous. And finally, Sibbi; the worst of all of them. Aug 3, 2017 - Explore Veronika Grüchot's board "mjoll the lioness (cosplay)" on Pinterest. However, she cannot recharge the staves herself; the Dragonborn must take them back, recharge them, and give them back to her. When the colossus struck, Grimsever was knocked from my grasp and I was wounded badly. How can I help you? Don't tell me you've lost it." I just want to know what her maximum stats are. Shadr: "Yes, Lady Mjoll. However, she does say that her mother taught her how to use a sword, and that her father was a hunter. Barely alive, she was saved by Aerin, who then brought her back to his home in Riften and nursed her back to health. Aerin: "I say we go down there and clear the place out, just like old times." If you instead mention that you're sorry to hear that, she will concur, "Yes, quite a shame. To her disappointment, progress in that regard is slow. I overheard Aerin mentioning it." Aerin: "No, I haven't. You always see the good in everything. Someone found Aela's stats so im going to assume that other NPC stats are accessible or discoverable as well. Mjoll: "Aerin, you never cease to amaze me. Mjoll: "I hope not. I can't just ignore them, Aerin. This makes her useful as \"cannon fodder\" or a \"tank\" against enemies like Dwarven Centurions and mammoths, and also makes her immune to friendly fire in close-quarters fighting. If you have told her that you are looking to join the Thieves Guild, she will instead say, "When you told me of your intent to join the Thieves Guild, I honestly didn't think we'd have much to speak about ever again. This bug only applies to player built homes; she'll comment on houses purchased in cities. Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views. 26 Comments. ", Mjoll: "I was hoping you could help me.

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