“I want to make sure that at Ofsted, we focus on the ‘how’ and the ‘what’: the essence of what performance tables cannot capture”,  says Amanda Spielman. Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills. If you’ve already read the previous blog posts in our series to help you prepare for the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework, you’ll know that how well pupils are taught to read will be prioritised as a main inspection activity in Primary schools from September 2019. In meeting this expectation, inspectors will: evaluate objectively, be impartial and inspect without fear or favour uphold and demonstrate Ofsted values at all times 12 Stories of Monster Phonics Forest Schools, whole school dress-up days and glowing reviews on TrustPilot show that there is something very special about Monster Phonics. 19th August 2019 at 2:28pm Less than half of primary school teachers feel that most colleagues at their school are equipped to teach phonics to all children, according to a new Ofsted survey. that teaching phonics feels like the right approach to prepare children for school. This is reflected in pupils’ positive behaviour and conduct. The new Ofsted framework in September 2019 will affect every school in the country. School report Inspection of a good school: St Mary Magdalene’s Roman Catholic Primary School, Burnley Wellfield Drive, Burnley, Lancashire BB12 0JD Inspection dates: 17–18 September 2019 … Low-level disruption is not tolerated and pupils’ behaviour does not disrupt lessons or I have worked in research, as an audiological scientist in the NHS and teaching. 2) They’ll also be checking that teachers have sufficient expertise in the teaching of phonics and reading, as well as a clear understanding of how pupils learn to read. Ruth Miskin. The consultation over the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework (EIF), including the draft version of the inspection handbook comes to a close tomorrow (Friday, April 5). Want more details?The Ofsted Education Inspection Framework and School Inspection Handbook are available in full on the gov.uk website. Here at Oxford, our phonics programmes will help your school meet the demands of the Framework. our series to help you prepare for the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework, Ofsted Education Inspection Framework 2019, Managing Change: Building positive relationships in a virtual world, Why wellbeing and relationships are key to learning in the classroom. We know how busy teachers and school leaders are, and when it comes to understanding Ofsted’s frameworks, we wanted to do the leg work for you, breaking it down into manageable chunks. Read more about them on our website: Read Write Inc. Phonics provides a systematic and consistent approach to transforming your teaching of reading and writing. Further information will be released shortly in the form of … Likewise, the sequence of reading books should show a cumulative progression in phonics knowledge, with frequent and detailed assessment used to identify any pupil that’s falling behind the pace of your school’s phonics programme, so that they can be offered targeted support to address any gaps right away. You can find full information on how we use cookies in our Cookie Policy Do you agree to us using cookies on this site for these purposes? 2019 : School. 190015 6 to treat everyone they meet during inspections fairly and with respect and sensitivity. The shift away from outcomes measures and move towards an analysis of the quality of provision makes it easier to recognise and reward the good work done by schools in areas of high disadvantage. Consequently, practitioners in England have a multitude of policy directives including OfSTED documentation and guidance highlighting phonics regardless of the relevance for under-threes, which is understandably confusing for practitioners. Ofsted strategy 2017–22 The curriculum at the heart of inspection. The teaching of phonics is effective as younger pupils use their knowledge of phonics to support them when reading unfamiliar words. 3) Inspectors will be looking for rigorous and systematic teaching of synthetic phonics from the beginning of Reception, i.e. Why is planning so important for effective teaching? August 21, 2019 December 19, 2019 Oxford Primary If you’ve already read the previous blog posts in our series to help you prepare for the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework , you’ll know that how well pupils are taught to read will be prioritised as a main inspection activity in Primary schools from … “There are signs that early reading is not as well embedded as it could be. starting with the easiest sounds, and progressing to the most complex. 5) Your school’s phonics programme should match – and aim to exceed – the expectations of the English National Curriculum and Early Learning Goals. Key Stage 1 End of Stage Data 2019 . December 1, 2020. Ofsted’s Inspection Data Summary Report (IDSR) will be used by Inspectors to prepare for inspections. These expectations are commonly understood and applied consistently and fairly. Ofsted-School Inspections – A Guide for Parents We welcomed Ofsted to our school on the 5th and 6th of June 2019. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. About 'Ofsted blog: schools, early years, further education and skills' This blog will look at the way Ofsted inspects education, from early years to schools and the further education and skills sector. OFSTED Nov 2019 1. So, what do these Ofsted changes mean for phonics? ... OFSTED 2019. In primary, this means the curriculum starts from early reading and phonics and continues through the whole school, and in secondary, key stage 3 is a “solid foundation for GCSE study”. New Ofsted Framework 2019. A key focus will be on early reading and the teaching of phonics in primary schools. Below is … Good phonics teaching will make sure that all children learn to read early, regardless of their background. Research Context Key Stage 1 Headlines. National. They inspect services providing education and skills, including Primary schools. The Monsters at Peartree Spring Primary in Stevenage, 2020 Autumn Phonics Screening Test for Year 2. 18. Indeed, to quote the new framework: ‘During all inspections of infant, junior, primary and lower middle schools, inspectors must focus on how well pupils are taught to read […] “We believe that this new judgement will allow Ofsted to recognise primary schools that, for example, prioritise phonics and the transition into early reading, and which encourage older pupils to read widely and deeply.”. 1) The prioritisation of reading is all about ensuring that children are equipped with the skills they need to access the curriculum as a whole, regardless of their starting point. The framework states that the purpose is ‘to assess how well the school is teaching phonics and supporting all children to become confident, fluent readers’. Back to Recent News 18/01/2019 Ofsted focuses on the teaching of reading "I'm thrilled to read that Ofsted's draft 2019 School Inspection Handbook pays special attention to the teaching of early reading and, in particular, how schools reach the lowest attaining pupils.". The school standards minister said that while there were still commentators "desperately clinging to romantic notions" about reading, it was time for the debate to move on to "which phonics programmes are most effective". School. The new Ofsted framework in September 2019 will affect every school in the country. The focus on phonics provision is welcomed as this will lead to better outcomes for children. Inspection report: Mytchett Primary School 15–16 October 2019 3 Staff teach phonics skills effectively from the start of the school year. Our first ever inspection was a great success as we have […] Under the new EIF, all “infant, junior, primary and lower-middle schools” will undergo a reading ‘deep dive.’ This is mandatory and includes phonics! We’ve taken a closer look and pulled out five key things that inspectors will be looking for. Under the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework from September 2019, how pupils are taught to read is being prioritised as a key inspection activity in primary schools. Below, we explore the report's key findings, and how the Department has supported the sector this year. At the start of the autumn term 2019, Ofsted introduced its new education inspection framework (EIF), which will put the curriculum at the centre stage of Ofsted inspections. Together with Aidan Severs @thatboycanteach we have pored over 100s of pages of information and the results of the consultation exercise to give you a clear summary for school leaders and governors as to what’s in the New Ofsted Inspection Handbook … Ofsted’s inspection framework refers only to reading (not phonics) and the inspection handbook simply refers to ‘phonic’ or ‘phonics’. A key focus will be on early reading and the teaching of phonics in primary schools. This is because phonics teaching is outstanding. Freddie Whittaker. Primary curriculum, department for education, maths, Ofsted, Ofsted Education Inspection Framework 2019, Phonics, quality of education, reading, school inspection Post navigation ← Exam Insights 2019: first impressions of the GCSE Geography Edexcel B exam Primary schools who can demonstrate a focus on phonics as a transition into independent reading will be rewarded with higher grades. Ofsted Report Oct-19.pdf Parents-ofsted-121119.pdf Ofsted Report April-2016.pdf Ofsted Report February-2012.PDF ... *100% of children who took the Phonics re-test passed. Tel: 01442 406500. If you’d like to know more about our phonics programmes, or any other resources from Oxford University Press, book an appointment with your local Educational Consultant or take a look at the Primary Ofsted Framework page to see how we can help you ensure your school is Ofted-ready. Teachers: How to Reclaim Your Resilience During Challenging Times. No need to produce progress and attainment data ‘for Ofsted’, helping reduce unnecessary workload. 2019 phonics screening check: pupils' materials Ref: ISBN 978-1-78644-873-6 , STA/19/8112/e PDF , 1.29MB , 24 pages 2019 phonics screening check: answer sheet Ofsted & Performance. Phonics in the new Ofsted Education Inspection Framework: What are inspectors looking for? Its core Storybooks closely follow the progression of the phonics teaching, revisiting and practising previous sounds learned to ensure children are able to decode the books they are given and that they experience success. Key findings Thanks to the efforts of staff in nurseries, schools, colleges and children’s homes, Ofsted’s annual … By the end of Year 2, most pupils can use phonics … End of Foundation Stage Outcomes (R) St Philip’s RC Primary School: 2019 National Outcomes % Achieving GLD (Good Level of Development) 79% (72%) Phonics Screening 2019. ... Phonics - Ofsted IDSR Training 2/7 - DAISI Education ... 2019. Ofsted Inspection Report Oct 2019 . What I enjoy most about Monster Phonics is making a difference, seeing the improvements, the growth in confidence and the joy in phonics lessons. We inspect services providing education and skills for learners of all ages. All pupils should have access to a high-quality education –challenging gaming and ‘off- rolling’. School. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! 4) Reading books should closely match the phonics knowledge that pupils are being taught and you should offer them plenty of opportunities to practise reading and re-reading the grapheme-phoneme correspondences that they have learned – both at school and at home. Project X is a whole school reading and writing programme that includes Project X Phonics, Hero Academy and Alien Adventures, which offer fully decodable stories and independent readers with a fine, cumulative phonic progression matched to Letters and Sounds, accompanied by clear planning and assessment support. The new judgement called ‘quality of education’ will replace the old ‘outcomes for pupils’ in the new 2019 framework. May 2019, No. Key Stage 1 % at Expected Standard : 2017. The Reddings Primary & Nursery School, Bennetts End Road, Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire HP3 8DX. Welcome to Ofsted's official YouTube Channel.

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