Couch Gag Who was friends with Harvey Pekar. Homer: Math checks out. Darnit! Lisa: He’s right! Lock our doors, bar your windows. Hugo ties him up on a table in the attic planning to sew them back together in hopes of becoming sane again. Homer: Ah, the Neon Mile. The lesson here is he’s being punished for thinking women are beautiful! Bart: Please don’t take me! My home town. She will be rocked gently to sleep by the stomach acids. Homer: That can’t be true, honey. Marge: Sometimes. Lisa: My god, I’ve created life! Mike B. Anderson Shopkeeper: The toppings contain potassium benzoate. But we can’t let some killer dolphins keep us from living and scoring. We’ve already got our Christmas decorations up. But no. Lisa: They were in yesterday’s New York Times. Secret lover. one emergency donut. Lisa: Dad, are you becoming a muncher? Bart: Make the walls bleed. In the kitchen, Homer lights up a Jack-O-Lantern, but ends up lighting his arm on fire. "The Simpsons" Treehouse of Horror VII subtitles. Homer: Ice cream with cookie dough! Treehouse of Horror ( - 1990.10.25) quotes on planetclaireTV. Homer cocking a shotgun: To the book depository! We kind of knew they were yours. I can’t move. Mayan Quimby: And it will be Obama’s fault! Mr. Burns: Who’s that goat-legged fellow? Now let’s get you kids home. Ned: I’m going down and my hand basket seats two! I’m very disappointed and terrified. {sees the Lard Lad} There it is! You cast the wrong spell! Personally, I don’t understand it. What happens: The Simpsons become caretakers of Mr Burns' mansion where there's no TV or beer. Lisa, the pet cemetery. Kamala: And now let us touch testicles and mate for life. Only one. Homer: What a dump! Now the earth will be destroyed after the thirteenth bactun. Lisa! Homer: Why does he always bring up my weight! It’s “Boner Land.”. Marge: Go crazy? Nothing happened except for the pickaxe in my head, the rattlesnake bite and the testicle thing. Bart: Hey man, we own you. Krusty Doll: I'm Krusty the Clown, and I don't like you. The next scene shows a failed attempt to correct their wrong, Hugo rejoining the family while still somewhat demented from years of living in the attic, Bart who has taken Hugo's place in the attic asks for some turkey through the air vents in the dining room but Marge says for him to finish his fish heads and closes the grate. Homer: Look at that! In a parody of the 1941 drama film Citizen Kane, Homer is out fishing one night when the two aliens Kang and Kodos capture him and ask who his leader is. My blood’s a genius. The only sane thing to do is chew off my arm. You’re not even dead! Kang: Insemination complete. Bart: Mr. Largo? Let’s see, ah, converting to base-10, assuming for the birth of Jesus, invent and then carry the leap years, and then the world will end in 2012. Frink: We had to replace several vital organs with machinery. And I’ll go skinny dipping in that lake where the sexy teens were killed one hundred years ago tonight. Homer: Wonders Lisa? Grampa: When are we doing the Black Swan? Cinnamon! Gypsy: You’ve ruined me! Homer: Woah woah woah. I can’t wait that long for candy! Marge: No, it wasn’t. Lisa: You could at least stop basting yourself. I need a helicopter rescue and some cold milk. God: Yes sir. Senator Kan— Bob Dole. References/Trivia. Grand Pumpkin: What do I care. Homer: Lisa that was very selfish of you! I feel like I’m wasting a fortune just standing here. Bart: Eh. In November! Lisa: If they’re really witches why don’t they use their witch power to escape? He’s establishing mood. Homer: Man, this place looks expensive. General. Matters become worse when Bart claims the petri dish and the civilization as his own, winning the school science fair. They’re showing a Halloween episode. Ow. Bart: No fair! It’s not cheating when you’re wearing a costume. I agree! Krusty: Eh, it’s a mix of voodoo and Methodist. Hmm. Destroy the evil one! Lisa: Like that old woman who couldn’t find the beef? This fighting solves nothing. Marge: Bart, what happened? Selma: You know, scaring people into giving us treats is fun. Homer: He was a zombie? Lisa: Never mind. Mrs. Krabappel: Well class, the history of our country has been changed again. Bart believes this story when he discovers his scar. Homer: Oo, that’s bad! Student: Yes. . Plain brown toothbrushes, unflavored dental floss, and fun-sized mouthwashes. The next morning, after they mention this to their parents, Marge reminds Homer to feed the "thing". If it no longer meets these criteria, you can reassess it. Marge: Knitting one sweater for someone costs twenty-seven Americans their jobs. Bart: Hey, it’s gotta be good if Satan put his name on it. I’m starting to think Operation Enduring Occupation was a bad idea. Bart checking his sheets: I hope this is sweat. Um. His breakfast is dinner, his dinner’s dessert. It’ll turn up somewhere. The tiny people evolve from the stone age to the far future in less than a few days. This witch hunt is turning into a circus. Bart: Criss cross! Kang: The politics of failure have failed. Bart: Paintings. Season 8 Episode Quotes ← 153 "Summer of 4 Ft. 2" 154 "Treehouse of Horror VII" "You Only Move Twice" Lisa: I believe they prefer to be called “conjoined twins.” Oh, hi! Marge: Kids, it’s time we told you the true story and put your fears to rest. The Collector: I have here the only working phaser ever built. Lisa: Dad, that’s Monaco. On the day of the election, Homer stumbles upon Kang and Kodos' ship and goes inside to set the real Bill Clinton and Bob Dole free, but he accidentally pilots the ship into outer space. Bore-ax: I am the Bore-ax, I speak for the woods. What have they ever done for me? Over. Flanders: Homer please, don’t tempt the gods. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Personally, I don't understand it. Homer: Is there something different about the kitchen? You’ve led an interesting life. Lisa: Dad! Homer: Eh. In fact I just wrote an article for Redbook. Kill me! Vampires are make-believe. They left us out of the Halloween show! This is Marge Simpson. (plays a piano arpeggio, sings) Don't watch the mon-- (plays another arpeggio) Don't watch the...monsters-s-s. (chuckles) Well, it'll sound a lot better coming out of Paul Anka. Written By Homer: Okay, I’m on the floor. And that includes FX, FOX Sports and our newest Devil’s portal, The Wall Street Journal. Homer: Doin’ what now? Devil Flanders: John Wilkes Booth. Well, sometimes there’s three. Mr. Burns: Greetings, 241. You know this is an ASCAP household. Ned: Really? And so have the hopes of our Mathletics team. They could be trying to call right now. Production Code Smithers: I think women and seamen don’t mix. When they climb up into the attic, the weird shadow escapes, with marks left on the front door. Mayor Quimby: I am not a Happy Meal right now. Bart: And whatever you do, avoid the urge to make homemade gifts. Show Runner It’s scarier, more violent, and I think they snuck in some bad language too. How wrong I was. You might see his name on an Amber Alert. Lisa: Cows eating cows? Argentina: Oh, forget it. Quotes. Marge: Murder-suicides. I like the cut of his jib. I just told the natives they were having sex the wrong way. {checks the emergency procedures book} “Dear Homer, I.O.U. I’m always the thimble. I was thinking along the lines of “No TV and no beer make Homer… something something.” I’m too scared of the evil Switch Witch! Bart: Yeah, ’cause you’re smart. Uh oh. Homer: Leprechauns? It’s like something out of that twilight-y show about that zone. Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. But if they miss one payment, I’ll raise hell! Shopkeeper: We sell forbidden objects from places men fear to tread. Comic Book Guy: Rip Taylor? Edmund (Daniel Radcliffe): You have beautiful eyes. {the Munchers devour him} Bart: ‘Fraid so. Homer: Well it was rhubarb. This isn’t rocket science, it’s brain surgery. Lisa: Wow, look at all these gadgets. Homer: Well those Ivory Tower eggheads have screwed us again. Lisa: ‘Twas Halloween night with the kids door-to-dooring, and all over town blood sugar was soaring. Kodos: You are very observant Lisa. Bart asks who Hugo is, and she then tells Bart that he has a twin brother. Lisa: There’s one thing I don’t understand. Homer: Can you still love a man who’s half beer? Directed by Mark Kirkland. Jerry Springer: Homer. Bart: This is exactly why kids need a union. Some of us were horribly mutated. Ken Keeler, Dan Greaney and David S. Cohen Bartley: Well I’ll be blazed! Flanders: What the Family Circus! That is so evil. Come on, I dare you. It might be whats-his-name. Comic Book Guy: But Aquaman, you can not marry a woman without gills. However, Bart playfully destroys some of their tiny buildings, causing them to launch a counterattack, sending a small fleet of aerial vehicles to attack him. Marge: What kind of civilized people eat the body and blood of their savior? For the continuing series of Halloween specials, see Treehouse of Horror series. Mr. Burns: That’s odd. Transformed Appliances: No. There’s one god. Marge: But you’re God. We mean you no harm. Marge: Hello, everyone. Homer: I have this two-heads-for-one coupon. Marge: I’m not going to live in a house of evil just to save a few dollars. watch 01:20. Homer: No. Remembering that the twin on the left was evil, he reveals that Bart was the evil one and that he gave them the wrong twin. Moe: Woah, look at that. Bart: Right! Devil Flanders: It’s always the one you least suspect. Skinner: Mother I’m fine. Lisa: How humiliating. This is what I think of your precious science! Jerry Springer didn’t solve our conflict. Don’t ask him if he knows Frankenstein. Episode 4.Treehouse of Horror VIII [The episode begins with the Fox Censor looking through the episode script 5F02 and redacting parts with his pen] FOX Censor: No. Thanks for saving us. Groundskeeper Willie: Care for a pumpkin seed? Homer: Never. Homer: We’ll be right back. But I have seen a lot of movies…. Marge: Where’d you get all the money? Homer: Jasper! Or implode? Homer: The Nobel Prize! Marge: Do you see towels? I think you could cut me some slack! Come on, you see your family all year ’round. After being shocked by static electricity from Bart, Lisa touches the tooth, and the spark causes life to evolve in the Petri dish where the cola and tooth are. Bart: Dad! Homer shoots the clone. You can get Hugo in The Simpsons: Tapped Out. Marge: That’s not a Bible, that’s a book of carpet samples. Homer: Death! Erotic cakes. Bart: He died as he lived. Benedict Arnold. My whole deal? She’s been crushed. But you did anyway. Edit. Kang: What are you implying? In a parody of The Fly, Homer buys a teleporter from Professor Frink at his yard sale. Devil Flanders: That can be arranged. Milhouse: Oh! Skinner: Uh oh. Demon: Cinnamon! You’ve destroyed the totality of existence. Bart wants to destroy them for attacking him, but Lisa intervenes. They are still curious as to what this is, and Homer accidentally lets slip that he works his butt off to feed "you four children", until Marge covers it up. Wreck the school. Thursday night football! {it zaps him} Not me! Krusty: Entertain the troops? Homer: You know, on some level I’ve always known. Bart: In this neighborhood, who hasn’t. I— {checks pants}. It’s on during rainouts of Gleep Glop games. Moe: Yeah, but they come over here in wheel wells of Aer Lingus jets. Maybe they’d rather listen to that old War of the Worlds broadcast on MPR. Bart: Am I the only one here who’s in horrible pain? Just like elves, gremlins and Eskimos. Unnecessarily big TVs! Kang: Can you believe it, Kodos? Kodos: Smooth move, Space Lax. Despite not being the real competitors, the people have to vote for one of them anyway. Eternal torture is the only punishment for the unbaptized. That music is in tune. You’re not a robot. : Treehouse of Horror VII is part of the The Simpsons (season 8) series, a good topic.This is identified as among the best series of articles produced by the Wikipedia community. Kids worshipping ghosts, pretending to be devils. He was a third-party candidate in 1992 and 1996. He soon realizes that he is right, as Hugo confronts him. What is the one true religion? Gags. Finally! He’s a man of science and you can barely read. Somehow Snake’s hair must be controlling— Blackbeard the Pirate. Homer: Don’t be so stubborn! Are you alive or dead? Has science ever kissed a woman? Lenny: Hey Homer, weren’t you the plant’s Y2K compliance officer? Marge: It’s almost as if he’s murdering from beyond the grave. […] For further information I will require more beans.”. Your time has come! My favorite! Lisa: All the layers of lead paint in this house made it the perfect bomb shelter. Don’t eat me! How could you? I think we can do without the crack pipe. He then notices that Hugo's scar is on the right side. Bart: There comes a time to beat the crap out of childish things. FOX Censor reading: No… no…. Moog: We was narsty tastards, we were. If I were a nerd I’d be in Heaven. The Loop (TV) Do you like this video? Homer: That’s bad. Main character(s) I’m going to buy earrings at the gift shop. Lisa: I fed your fish. Some kind of a tin can man from Planet Tomorrow? Phil "Brain on a Stick" Hartman as Bill Clinton Shopkeeper: The frogurt is also cursed. Monroe: I’m in some horrible limbo. What are you supposed to be again? Grampa: That’s a lie and you know it! We start with Grade A beef, feed that to other cows, then kill them and serve the unholy results on a seven grain bun. Directed by Mike B. Anderson. Help me Science! Lord Montymort: We can’t attack her while she’s got that wand. Treehouse of Horror VII. Marge: Good! I hope you've done your studying! Something’s wrong. Lisa: I think that was implied by what I said. Bart: If I say criss cross one more time will that change your mind? I’m not ogling to kill your father. Treehouse of Horror Marge: Hello, everyone. I didn’t say “kick Homer’s walls.”. Lisa: Oh, Bart! Homer: The doll’s trying to kill me and the toaster’s been laughing at me! planetclaireTV has been around in one form or another since 1999, offering a variety of quotes, quips, bon mots and assorted nonsense. That night, while Homer and Marge are out, the kids sneak into the attic, where Bart discovers the unsold copies of Homer's autobiography. Lisa: Well we’re calling it now. Why don’t you read Cathy? Announcer: You’re watching the World Series of Manslaughter. Homer: Oo! When Bart went through the transporter, what happened to his head? Marge: Would everyone please stop fighting and burning. I’m Death now. Bart: You mean “shining.” Lisa: Oh no, you poor thing. You know, Halloween is a very strange holiday. leaving Bart behind, who knows that Hugo is in the house. You're from two different worlds. Lisa: Sir, your son has brought you into the twenty-first century. Bart: Sh! Lisa: Mr. Flanders, why are you moving? Except… you have no penis. Moog: Those punks got no respect for them what come before. Are you trying to build a friend? Sideshow Bob: A full professor! Infuse our stagnate economy with dollars we don’t really have. Homer eating out of a can: You call that prime rib? Homer: Can I go now? Lisa: I hate going to the zoo. Wiggum: I’m Jared from the Subway ads! Lord Montymort: No no. Marge: Now Lisa, you’re a vegetarian but these cows have made a different choice. Mumbly Joe. Teacher. Lisa: Oo! Marge: Homer, there’s something I don’t like about that severed hand. But Dad seemed cautiously optimistic. Sea Captain: And it wasn’t long before this yearly custom became an annual tradition. Stop scaring Smithers! The holidays are for your bartender. Dr. Hibbert: Fire. In the 1992 campaign, he had been exceptionally allowed to participate in the debates alongside the Republican and Democratic candidates (a rarity for a third-party candidate), but in 1996 he was excluded, having failed to garner a single electoral vote in 1992. {reading} Oh my! Excellent! Mr. Burns: Dammit, Smithers! Sideshow Bob: Any questions? In the wild, they would never experience boredom, obesity, loss of purpose. Frink: Welcome precious prime time viewers, valued internet downloaders and scary digital pirates. I’m the first non-Brazilian person to travel backwards through time. I’m not running for Jesus. Which I call “frogurt”. Kodos: Don’t worry. One of them is nailing something to the door of the cathedral. Marge: I always have. Professor Frink: Now now, my dear woman. Devil: Get me a coffee! We’re not talking about a few dollars. Smithers: Prince of Darkness, sir. You were a busboy in the restaurant of life. Bart: So all you did was ring her doorbell and run? The kids spy on Homer climbing to the attic feeding fish heads to something. TSA-approved. Marge to the black hole: Quit bageling my English muffins! I’m travelling at the speed of wind! No. Kodos: Take us to your leader! He’s always one step ahead! Do I dare live out the American dream? Homer: Well it’s my house so it’s my spot. Marge: Well thank you very much, Mr.— The House: No. One of the citizens suggest a third-party vote, and Kang replies, "Go ahead, throw your vote away." And I know evil. That’s the water softener. And the globe feels so warm. That night, Bart tries to sneak Snowball II into the teleporter and at the same time, Santa's Little Helper jumps in. That seemed awful quick. Inspector: You’ll never catch me! Lisa: Bart just let me drop and save yourself! You see, there are some crybabies out there—religious types, mostly—who might be offended. Today he’s drinking people’s blood. If you are one of them, I advise you to turn off your set now. Bart: I thought dabbling in the Black Arts would be good for a chuckle. America was now discovered in 1942 by… “Some Guy.” And our country isn’t called America anymore. Willie: Shh! What’s so great about this depression? It’s highly unstable. Lisa: It’s Mr. Burns. No way! Homer: I lost my job as an oaf today. Still reading The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock: Bart: Lis, we’re characters in a cartoon! Homer: Anybody else? Homer: Eh. Let’s see some blood. You’re the worst one of all. Mayor Quimby: Springfield’s weapons of death have been converted into weapons of climbing and sliding. Mayan Frink: Quetzal H. Coatl! Ned: Could this get any worse? Lisa: Dad, is there anything you’d like to tell us about this horde? He still thinks that hobo was a bird. Bart: Wait a minute, if you’re here then you’ve fallen asleep too! Bart: Oh, it’s always the Jews fault! So please, tuck in your children and— Well, if you didn’t listen to me last time, you’re not going to now. Bad corpse! Homer: Kill my boss?!

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