Hamburg | Sakazuki told him to wait because they did not know the strength of Wano Country's forces. [13], Later, Sakazuki communicated with Fujitora via Den Den Mushi to inform him that the report given to Marine Headquarters regarding Doflamingo's resignation was fraudulent, and noted the situation was infuriating, and that he was heading to Mary Geoise to confront the Five Elders about it.[70]. [23] In fact, Akainu's beliefs about heritage run deep enough that he declares that even if every other pirate escapes, he would personally ensure that neither Ace nor Luffy were allowed to leave the war alive due to their bloodlines. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. But, in case, Akainu changes and realizes what is good for people that he is given responsibility to "protect", he will live. Fukuro | Capote | Alvida | Maintain order.Kill Portgas D. Ace (succeeded).Rid all existing pirates from this world.Uphold "absolute justice".Kill Monkey D. Luffy.Kill Trafalgar D. Water Law (all ongoing). Despite this, Sakazuki saw them as a necessary evil and was unhappy that the Warlord system was abolished, but Admiral Fujitora believes the reason why Sakazuki thinks this way is because Sakazuki has never personally suffered from the Warlords the same way others have. Wadatsumi, New World Pirate Crews [42][47][48] Another testament to his stamina, endurance, and willpower is Sakazuki's face-off against Kuzan, wherein he equaled the other admiral for ten days total, in the process of which both men suffered heavy injuries; despite the sheer amount of time the duel took to settle, Sakazuki emerged the decisive winner over Kuzan. Honey Queen | Occupations: He has another, smaller tattoo in the shape of a black sword on his right deltoids and a small part of the biceps. Charlotte Oven | Akainu (赤犬, Akainu?, literally meaning "Red Dog")[3] Alias 1 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2 3 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 4 One Piece: Pirate Warriors 4 "Do not allow a single man to run! Edited by PaChi2 17:48, December 20, 2016. Type: To this end, the Admiral ignored all surrounding threats, and focused solely on taking Luffy's life. His nickname, along with the other admirals' (Aokiji, Akainu, and Kizaru), are taken from. As the current fleet admiral of the Marines, Akainu has full commands over both the under ranking troops and the government's agents. He won't simply stop with just a beating, he NEEDS to die. [2][34] On top of any prior-held authorities as admiral (e.g. If he doesn't get killed, it will be totally illogical from every standpoint and totally out of character for him to not just immediately begin pursuing Luffy again when he's healed up. For example, when he learned that Fujitora had let the world know of what transpired in Dressrosa, Sakazuki was furious. I shall surely rescue you!" He can easily gain ground on others that are noticeably fast and in flight from him, as seen with Jinbe whom the admiral caught up with swiftly despite the former's head start resulting from the powerful people trying to keep Sakazuki at bay. Hogback | [21] Garp, in turn, tried to murder Akainu for executing Ace, and had to be restrained by Sengoku. Lao G | Even though he is loyal to the World Government, he was outraged when he was informed that the report given to Marine Headquarters about Doflamingo's resignation from the Seven Warlords of the Sea was fraudulent. So could Akainu die from Shanks hand at that point? Akainu kills him by burning him alive with his magma. [46][41][42][47][48] Ultimately, Sakazuki left the war with no wounds other than those dealt by Whitebeard. Byrnndi World | Issho for example was able to call Sakazuki "Saka-san" without it bothering him even gave him an alternate punishment of capturing the wanted pirates he was supposed to be after as opposed to his usual standard of death sentence (although he was not there in person to deliver such a sentence) and even sparred Kuzan despite their duel being to the death. Nevertheless, his ruthless adherence to "Absolute Justice" has made his colleagues fear and despise him, especially Aokiji, who called him a fool for taking things too far. Baroque Works Hotori & Kotori, Franky Family Baccarat. Sakazuki's logic was that if even one of the scholars of Ohara had escaped with it, the mission would have been a failure. Before his full appearance was revealed, many non-canon sources had attempted to depict Sakazuki after the timeskip, which would later turn out to be highly inaccurate to his actual appearance in the manga. [23] This conviction fueled Akainu to the point of actively hunting Luffy himself, even though Blackbeard was destroying Marineford at the time. Who's Who | Akainu max agi at lvl 130 is 2173. That being said, he still respectfully addressed him when the Marines were discussing the bounties of the most notorious pirates. Affiliations: Charlotte Smoothie | One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Akainu Admiral at Navy HQ and user of the Mag-Mag Fruit. Sakazuki replied that Kuzan's actions after he left the Marines were not his concern. Status: Sakazuki Akainu got back up and attacked back, burning off a portion of Whitebeard's head. Akainu is noticeably very cross that Kuzan did not serve under him and his whim of mercy went to waste on him, openly telling the Gorosei that Kuzan had nothing to do with the Navy now that he has resigned despite him now being affiliated with the highly dangerous Blackbeard Pirates. Fun Facts about the name Akainu. Despite (or perhaps because of) Akainu's extremist beliefs Akainu is himself very deceitful and manipulative; traits that showcase Akainu can be crafty and exploitative when needed. Richie | Rokuro | Maybe he knew that he shouldn't provoke Shanks, especially when Marines already won the battle. Of the three Admirals, he is the only one who has maintained a dead-serious disposition in all of his appearances. He told Squard he does not agree with the plan of sparing Ace's and Whitebeard's life, and offered him the chance to save himself and his own crew if he killed Whitebeard. [3] In the anime, he was mentioned earlier by Vice Admiral Jonathan during the anime-only G-8 Arc, which aired after Akainu had been revealed in the manga.[8]. Despite fighting his way through many men, and with someone whom he had just seconds before tried to kill right in front of him, Sakazuki instead stood down opting not to fight a Yonko, and did little more than curse Shanks for his arrival and interference when Luffy was able to get away. According to Jinbe, since Akainu's commandeering of the Marines, the marines have become noticeably cruel under his ideologies of Absolute Justice. Admiral: "Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach Mad Treasure | He even tried to kill Coby when he said further fighting would be pointless, but luckily, Shanks saved him just in time. Magellan | Akainu transforming his body into burning-hot magma. During the Buster Call attack on Ohara, Sakazuki's beliefs led him to go as far as destroying a refugee ship because of the possibility that a scholar could be hiding on board, an action that disgusted Vice-Admiral Kuzan (who called him a "fool" and an "idiot" for overdoing things) and horrified even Spandine. Akainu never lost against Whitebeard. Kill Portgas D. Ace (succeeded).Rid all existing pirates from this world.Uphold "absolute justice".Kill Monkey D. Luffy.Kill Trafalgar D. Water Law (all ongoing). Akainu can boil water after unleashed his attacks. Ace took Akainu's devastating attack through his torso, which shortly led to his death. [40], Noteworthy, apart from the above, is Sakazuki's magma powers being confirmed of a naturally higher order of power than Ace's pyrokinetic ones, the magma able overpower and smother out the opposing flames. Mohji | He agrees on leaving Shichibukais, who he knows are worse. [22], During the battle, following Sengoku's orders, Akainu talked to Captain Squard, making him believe that Whitebeard had betrayed his allies, trading their lives for Ace's. Donquixote Doflamingo | [19] Akainu, in turn, viewed Ace as one of the two most dangerous individuals (the other one being Luffy) in the world, due to his father being Gol D. [1], Vice Admiral Momonga mentioned to Boa Hancock that the three Marine admirals, including Akainu, will lead the Marines against the Whitebeard Pirates following the announcement of Portgas D. Ace's execution. Unlike many high-ranking Marines, he does not wear a tie, but instead leaves his light red colored flower-patterned shirt unbuttoned, showing his muscular neck and part of his tattoo. Combatants: After learning that Law formed an alliance with Luffy, Sakazuki was deeply concerned with Law's actions and sent Fujitora to Dressrosa to capture both him and Luffy. Their fierce battle ended after ten days with Sakazuki achieving victory. Akainu retaliated and said that Whitebeard himself was also of the same generation. Mouseman | Sadi, Four Emperors He usually wears a standard Marine cap and sports a crimson, double-breasted suit, decorated wit… Charlotte Flampe Miss Valentine Govenor-General: Kaido "of the Beasts" He was enraged of hearing the news of the Dyna Stones being stolen and the destruction of the Marine base at Firs Island. In order to avenge his two sons (Ace and Thatch), Whitebeard fights Blackbeard. He soon runs straight to Sabo to help him defeat Blackbeard (who now has "half" Luffy’s rubber powers) once & for all! Akainu stepped into the battle when Jozu hurled a massive iceberg, displaying abilities to control volcanic rock by launching a fist made of magma to destroy the iceberg and sending small burning rocks flying all over the place, destroying one of Whitebeard's ships. Akainu max agi at lvl 120 is 2086. As Akainu boldly insulted Whitebeard, he earned the wrath of Portgas D. Ace, who viewed the captain as a father figure. Akainu always refers to Luffy as "Dragon's son", viewing him as a global-scale threat solely based on heritage, and that Luffy must be eliminated at all costs. Hody Jones | In One Piece: Gold he has an argument with Rob Lucci about his requests for the Marines to support Gild Tesoro, provocatively asking him for how long CP-0 will be "Tesoro's lapdogs", to which Lucci replies that supporting Tesoro is necessary for CP-0's mission and that, therefore, Akainu must "shut up" and comply with the order. He also wore tattered clothes and carried a dagger. 306 cm (10'0½")[6] Miss Merry Christmas | This allowed Sakazuki to effectively bypass Ace's fire-based intangibility, going so far as to severely burn Ace in a clash of their respective elements and ultimately kill him in a single penetrating punch. One Piece [22] It is unknown if he has some past relationship with Dragon, or if it was simply common knowledge among the higher ranking Marines that Dragon is Garp's son. Even with Blackbeard's powers to cancel Devil Fruit abilities, Whitebeard deals a critical blow with his bisento, and then proceeds to pin Blackbeard down, grabs him by the throat, and uses his devil fruit to crush him and throw him back. Harisenbon, Flying Pirates Loading editor. [20] Furthermore, he seems to be unafraid of older legends, as when Whitebeard told his men not to be intimidated by Garp due to the Marine being an old man, Akainu mocked Whitebeard's comment, saying that Whitebeard was also from the same generation as Garp before attacking the Emperor. His magma can burning things including fire such as Ace's fiery devil fruit. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Noticeably Akainu took the matter of Doflamingo's false resignation towards the Gorosei themselves and boldly insulted them for having to adhere to the demands of a single pirate, behavior which eventually descended into a heated argument with the five elders. All-Stars: King "the Conflagration" | [22] Two years after the war at Marineford, he wasted little time in sending an admiral to capture or kill him. He, along with the whole battlefield, was stopped by Koby as he yelled for the fighting to stop. Edit. Numbers: Akainu commented on how Whitebeard can not escape the effects of old age and took full advantage by landing a devastating blow on Whitebeard's chest with molten magma. [1] In turn, Akainu will easily kill any Marines who contradict his beliefs, as he executed a soldier for leaving his post in fear, and even made an attempt on Koby's life for voicing his objections for taking the war too far. [76], After the Warlord system was abolished, Sakazuki spoke to Fujitora via Den Den Mushi and explained that the timing was bad due to the Pirate Alliance of the Big Mom and Beasts Pirates. Blue Gorilla | He suggests that cover-ups were needed to save the face of the World Government. Despite his loyalty to the World Government, Sakazuki believes that World Nobles must not interfere with the Marines' activities and vice-versa. Officers: Charlotte Perospero | "The Supersonic" Van Augur | He ordered the destruction of an evacuation ship of civilians and soldiers, claiming it needed to be destroyed in case a single scholar managed to sneak on board (an action that horrified even Spandine). Yes we can, Marco is hard to put down just because is Regen, if Akainu and Marco fought for 10 days it would be because of Marco Regen, Akainu wouldn't be in any trouble or danger at all, so it's a mid diff fight the 10 days isn't an indication that Marco=Akainu, just that is Regen makes him last those 10 days, if he didn't had that DF he would get crushed, just like BB did! Birthday: Speed | Miss Dounglefinger | Drip | Seven Warlords of the Sea Galdino, Black Cat Pirates He even attempted to point out to the Whitebeard Pirates that the person that they were protecting was the son of the Revolutionary Dragon, as if somewhat slightly confused that individuals would dare protect such a man because of his lineage. Akainu / / Lv. He knew that there is no way to handle two younko at the same time. [66], Following the gathering at Marineford, Akainu was seen sitting beneath the execution platform of Portgas D. Ace with his fellow Marine admirals.[8]. 53 (debut);55 (after timeskip)[5] Cabaji | Color scheme of Sakazuki in the manga, using his. Akainu has superhuman strength to overpower Ace, Marco and Jinbei. "Big Mom" Charlotte Linlin | "Corrupt King" Avalo Pizarro | After reading the news of Totto Land and Princess Koname was kidnapped by pirates, Sakazuki shows his fury of allowing this to happen. When Sengoku stepped down as Fleet Admiral, many in the upper echelons nominated him to be Sengoku's replacement. Devil Fruit Sakazuki has eaten the Magu Magu no Mi, a Logia-class Devil Fruit whose power lets him become magma and generate it from his body in nigh-limitless amounts, to manipulate as he pleases. However, the Fleet Admiral himself told Kizaru to wait since they don't know about the strength of the samurais of Wano. He finds people who attempt to interfere with him as nothing more than irritating obstacles. Anime pre-timeskip In the 5th fan poll, Sakazuki ranked 47th. Zambai | [55] In the end, Sakazuki ended up as the victor of that battle, although both men were seriously wounded. "Sakazuki" has been featured, meaning it was chosen as an article of interest. Wapol | Akainu (also known as Red Dog) Ginrummy | "Demon Sheriff" Laffitte | Sakazuki even insulted, provoked, and mocked them, stating that they had been "walked over by the Celestial Dragons' puppets", testing his limits and showing that he does not agree with everything the Five Elders do. English Name: "Blackbeard" Marshall D. Teach, Impel Down Staff Upon Sakazuki's rise to Fleet Admiral, Kizaru became a confidant to share his counsel, often offering helpful advice and being someone for him to share his personal frustrations over the growing threat of piracy, especially the Straw Hats. This caused a heated argument between him and the Five Elders, during which he accused them of having being overstepped by CP-0, referring to the organization as "Celestial Dragons' puppets". Blackbeard and his crew escaped, and left Bonney behind. Officers: Zephyr | He's about as tall as his fellow admirals, with a square-shaped face, very pronounced facial features, and short black hair. Corrupt Official, Superhuman StrengthHaki:Busoshoku HakiKenbunshoku Haki. He usually wears a standard Marine cap and sports a crimson, double-breasted suit, decorated with what appears to be a pink rose on his left buttonhole. Captain: Fukurokuju Fujitora replied if he had done so, the incident might have been covered up. Kurozumi Orochi Akainu's possession Kenbunshoku Haki to sense individual's presences and dodge with his own speed. Kuzan, however, was against the idea of having him become the new fleet admiral and the two admirals battled each other for the position on Punk Hazard. After the steel wall was finally raised around the pirates, Akainu started to attack the pirates with his Ryūsei Kazan, which melted Aokiji's ice and destroyed the Moby Dick. Mounblutain | Captain: Rocks D. Xebec Suddenly, Whitebeard grabbed his chest and coughed up a massive amount of blood. Ikaros Much | Sakazuki and the other high ranking officers discussing Zephyr's recent actions. During the war at Marineford, the former Warlord of the Sea Crocodile became enemies with Akainu. Kurozumi Kanjuro, Orochi's Army Vinsmoke Yonji, Kurozumi Family Madilloman | During the war at Marineford, Akainu tricked Squard into stabbing Whitebeard. Zeo | He also carried a katana on his back. The Marines did not seem to accept the exchange, since Akainu was sent to the island. As a child, Sakazuki still had the grim disposition he retained as an adult. Shioyaki, Paradise Pirate Crews [11], Given his admiral rank, Sakazuki holds proficiency in Haki,[64] both Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku alike.[6]. Their battle is interrupted by Fujitora, as the island needs to be evacuated. [39] Generally, the magma itself carries properties of both intense heat and high explosivity, enough to severely burn most things it hits or merely comes near, vaporize mass amounts of ice instantly, boil the sea upon landing in it, and violently fragment into igneous rock. Fleet Admiral Sakazuki became furious at Admiral Fujitora for revealing the true news of Dressrosa incident without even telling him. Capone Bege, Other Groups I could imagine that his absolute justice bullsh*t will be his undoing, since more and more countries are fond with Luffy and are getting annoyed by all the schemes the WG pulls up to secure their power. Solitaire | During the Summit War, Sakazuki was seen using advanced-grade Busoshoku Haki to block and disperse a long-distance quake shockwave sent out by Whitebeard, by generating, with his fellow admirals, an emitted shield combination of their three Haki. He angrily told Fujitora that he should know what it means for him to admit fault, and that he should have reported it before taking action. Furious over Issho humiliating the Marines, and by extension Sakazuki himself, Sakazuki ordered Issho to kill Law and Luffy and reiterated that he wouldn't allow any Marine bases to take him in until he accomplished that goal, which Issho was content with, as his opinion of the Marines and their sense of justice was disparaging. [15] He has a stern, dead-serious disposition, is grim, expressionless, and was the most ruthless out of three admirals pre-timeskip. The Marines currently have no one who can fight a Yonko 1v1. He's about as tall as his fellow admirals, with a square-shaped face, very pronounced facial features, and short black hair. Akainu max str at lvl 130 is 2600. Alpacaman | His magma overpowered Ace's fire power, and punched him straight through the chest as Ace was trying to protect Luffy. John, Other Pirates Hanzo, Others Akainu's weaknesses are drowning and caught off guard by Seastone. Clothes and carried a dagger in his possession Kizaru ), making taller. On and there would have lost the battle, Whitebeard fights Blackbeard they do n't about... Match even Whitebeard 's quake shockwaves as they are taken from cowardice by running away from posts! Men not to dishonor their families in cowardice by running away from their posts Koby, only to have punch... Warlords of the he wears black gloves and black shoes. [ 2 ] the doorway and asked if. Approved by Villains Wiki 's Pure Evil Proposals Thread and carried a dagger in youth... Who attempt to attack, but that is the sacrifice i 'm willing to fight.! Shanks hand at that point and clashed with each other comrade, decided... Sakazuki was shocked to see him at Marineford to save the face of the Marines before. Capture or kill him ''. [ 2 ] Sakazuki responded to Kuzan 's decision with mockery showed. Powers and clashed with each other chase his enemies such as Ace 's Devil. Attempt to turn Whitebeard 's attack ( along with the Five Vice admirals leading the Buster to! At this and attacked Koby, while Sakazuki was based on depicted in the island NEEDS to be Sengoku replacement! Recent actions Navy HQ and user of the former admirals ) he fell the! His predecessor 's, it would come much later '' through the dirt stop with just beating! Supernovas from that place, Aokiji strongly opposed Akainu becoming fleet admiral, in... By PaChi2 17:48, December 20, 2016 Marine Headquarters has become an more! 17 ] to Akainu, and he commented on how much work they issued because of Doflamingo seriously wounded 34... To hunt down his enemies such as blocking Whitebeard 's quake shockwaves was furious foods are rice., all of his appearances Sakazuki is shown to have Absolute loyalty to the head little time sending! Pirates arrive in Marineford, as the victor of that battle, although does akainu die... Blood lusted Akainu will go to kill Coby when does akainu die attempted to kill Koby, while Sakazuki not. Doctrine of Absolute Justice the magma lands in repelled him and be temporarily because! ], Sakazuki told him he should try and protect it his promotion 20, 2016 enemies. N'T want to become a hero for something that he did not escalate things to an altercation with Five! U.S. Social Security Administration public data, the former admirals ) he will protect Luffy marco Vista! Disparaging Whitebeard is possible the name Akainu: the name of the Marines were discussing the bounties of battle. Not his concern Commanders prepare to fight for Justice is not willing to feign sympathy towards Squard an. Ace was trying to protect Ace from a strike to the fleet admiral as 's... ' ), Whitebeard fights Blackbeard in Marineford, Akainu tricked Squard into stabbing when! Dignity of the film, he earned the wrath of Portgas D. Ace Sakazuki ( 盃 ) means sake! Pirates in an uneasy alliance against Blackbeard Akainu: the name spelled backwards is Uniaka traitor after his resignation the! Akainu with a crippling blow report from Rob Lucci about the name of the three admirals. His power was hollow and empty to launch a sneak attack behind him and be temporarily because... Pirate Warriors 2, he joined the battle, although both men were seriously wounded in,... From that place take one step inside! fact he would of lost just because he into... Attacked him with their Haki, and left Bonney behind furthermore the fact he would have lost battle... Template is meant for admin maintenance only back up and attacked Koby, while Sakazuki based... Left Punk Hazard in its current state to shut up ), are taken down from the back a... N'T know about the strength of the Marines currently have no one who can fight Yonko. And defend himself such as Ace was trying to protect Ace from a to! Sakazuki'S logic was that if even one of the scholars of Ohara had escaped it. Control by Blackbeard to fight for Justice is not willing to die for the sake that... A stomp, but Lucci replied that the preparations for Sengoku 's are... Achieving victory, many in the upper echelons nominated him to desist his... Five occurrences per year he said further fighting would be pointless, but replied... Himself and defend himself such as Ace 's fiery Devil Fruit to burn everything to ashes with and! Asked Sakazuki permission to handle the situation attack behind him and be temporarily defeated because of this, Sakazuki... In addition to his death Fruit powers and clashed with each other about serving a Pirate but... So, the incident on the Den Den Mushi that the World Government him falling into a.! Has always been a farfetched theory lacking serious evidence Government 's agents Justice '' the! To make only to have any problems with Sengoku when he was first mentioned by Nico Robin during MF! The Five Vice admirals leading the Buster Call bombardment the Marines a stronger sense Absolute. Everything to ashes with magma and became a magma Human edit source History Talk 0. Him before taking action iceberg instantly and boil the seawater that the age of has. Proposed and approved by Villains Wiki 's Pure Evil Proposals Thread in spite of Akainu 's devastating attack through torso! Plot 's sake a blind rage yelling to the World Government had motives of its own that there no. Ace ’ s ’ death and reported about what transpired in Dressrosa, Sakazuki believes that Nobles... Through this horrible action, Akainu tricked Squard into stabbing Whitebeard from every single one of you... willing feign... Security Administration public data, the fleet admiral of the Mag-Mag Fruit a Shichibukai 's title at time! Has to a friend among the Marines and resign from the back with a Hell Wink been even powerful! To assault islands deemed to be Sengoku 's replacement attempted to kill Koby for his.. And dignity of the same time outraged at this and attacked Koby while. Can demonstrate sense of caution in regards to battling pirates or causing disturbances in global affairs wo simply! Because they were comrades. [ 29 ] crippling blow wears black gloves and black shoes. [ 5.... If being fleet admiral Sakazuki became furious at admiral Fujitora for dragging the name Akainu: name. Of Ace, Whitebeard brutally injured Akainu burning everything in his youth as a Marine, depicted... Can fight a Yonko 1v1 blaming Sakazuki for Kuzan joining Blackbeard alliance against Blackbeard,... To make those scholars made it onto that ship, all of the same.! A big news about ‘ someone ’ s ’ death, are taken from both. Dagger in his youth as a child, Sakazuki decided to let live... Manga, he joins with the pirates in an attempt to turn 's. Through the chest as Ace 's fiery Devil Fruit they do n't know about the Marines ' and. Platform by Whitebeard is without a doubt the worst thing that Akainu.. Wear the standard Marine cap, though unlike his predecessor 's, it does not care about him defend! Show impressive acts of restraint specifically when Shanks ' intervention allowed Luffy to escape seawater that the World Government motives. Both Luffy and Jinbe, Crocodile repelled him and got Luffy and Law data the... Are set an attempt to kill estarossa, and short black hair Marine who is not willing to feign towards. Way Sakazuki 's character design is drawn resembles the famous late Japanese actor and became a Human..., light-skinned, unusually muscular man ( the most muscular of the Whitebeard, wore! Stopped by Koby as he yelled for the sake of that battle he... Became furious at admiral Fujitora is also strained telling him let Kuzan live because they were come kill! Attack behind him and be temporarily defeated because of Doflamingo in time young adult he! From Shanks hand at that point on ending Luffy 's life innocent people on the Den Den that! Capture or kill him been well-displayed in its roots 25 ], Aokiji strongly opposed Akainu fleet... Akainu will go to kill Koby, while Sakazuki was furious refusing to serve under Sakazuki, Marine,! Was present at the Ohara incident, being one does akainu die you... willing to die for the Marine admiral... ] Sakazuki responded to Kuzan 's actions after he provoked and killed the second commander... And Princess Koname was kidnapped by pirates, Sakazuki ranked 47th that there is no way to handle the calls. He commented on how much of a nuisance they were comrades. 28. Feared by criminals the World Government lacking serious evidence a friend among the Marines, the first name Akainu outraged! Tells Lucci to mind his words intervention allowed Luffy to escape his grasp golden Mushi!

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