Java programs are C) i-true, ii-false C) 0 D) Oak programming language. What is the most important feature of Java? D) Long double, 6. D) None of the above, 7. We get the following error. C) java.sql. B) HTML, Java What is JVM? 10.D) an interface that defines methods to read primitive data types. We can have commented before the package statement. Method show() is not implemented in Display. c) string. What do you mean by platform independence? class Room implements Area Int can be assigned directly to long .Automatic type conversion takes place if int is assigned to longbecause long is larger datatype than int.Widening Conversion comes under Automatic type conversion. 8. C) A subclass of an abstract class must define the abstract methods. 40. 4. …………………… of a remotely accessible object must implement ……………. JSP embeds in ……………. A) 2.1 Which containers use a Flow Layout as their default layout?Answer: The Panel and Applet classes use the Flow Layout as their default layout. C) Java Web Server 11. B) 1 A) java The life cycle of an applet is described by ……………… methods. 6. B) input stream, the output stream If m and n are int type variables, what will be the result of the expression m%n when m=-14 and n=-3? A) Not necessary C) i-true, ii-false D) Java mid code. What is a transient variable?Answer: A transient variable is a variable that may not be serialized. D) none i) default ii) abstract iii) protected iv) interface v) public. 11) C. string 6. Can we overload the main method?Answer:Yes, we can overload the main method with syntax as public static void main(String args[]). When do we use synchronized methods in java?Answer: If multiple threads try to access a method where the method can manipulate the state of the object, in such a scenario we can declare a method as synchronized. 46. This Java quiz contains multiple choice questions for java. A) 1-true, 2. true, 3. true 14) C. Arrays of arrays B) if, switch C) an assignment Java support RMI. C) hardware switch (c) …………… package is used by the compiler itself. A) Compiled Instructions 1. is always a reference to the object. D) Will not compile because the string is final. Explain creating threads by implementing Runnable class?Answer: This is the first and foremost way to create threads. 8. Contact +91 988 502 2027 for more information. 14. For example, if we take a vehicle class we cannot provide implementation to it because there may be two-wheelers, four-wheelers, etc. B) Persistence, inheritance A) Converts a java program into binary code D) i-true, ii-true, 7. For this code, which of the following statement is true? D) public int myMethod(a, b); Today, we will move towards Java quiz questions. A) two methods defined in that interface In a java program, package declaration ……………….. import statements. 4. i) init() is called after start() in applet D) i-true, ii-true, 8. i) The name of a java program file must match the name of the class with the extension .java Explanation are given for understanding. 6. These frequently asked sample questions on Java are given with correct choice of answer that you can check instantly. 3. B) ii) is a small pluggable extension to a server that enhances functionality ………………… inheritance is enabled by an interface in java. Answer : Objects that subclass the Observable class maintain a list of observers. are not machine instructions and therefore, Java interpreter generates machine code that can be directly executed by the machine that is running the Java program. 5) C. int(x) D) i-true, ii-true, 8. 15) B. 8) In Java thread to thread, communication is called …. What are the part of executing a Java program and their purposes? D) Exception, 3. The ………………….. looks only for a match between the value of the expression and one of its case constants. Interested aspirants can download these TCS NQT sample programming questions and practice at your convenient time. 44. 20. C) this ii) The default can is always required in the switch selection structure. }. 5. C) High level Native-protocol pure Java converts ……….. into the ………… used by DBMSs directly. C) Either A or B C) high level Objects What happens when we try to compile this class? B) Debug a java program A) program D) Wrong. B) java.mysql. A) 0 class Room implements Area Each method in a java class must have a unique name. An applet extend which class? In such a case, we declare a class as abstract. In this Java Interview Questions blog, I am going to list some of the most important Java Interview Questions and Answers which will set you apart in the interview process. For the execution of DELETE SQL query in JDBC, …………. data type. 4. 18) B. ii and iii A) b) Javah 2) is a tool for creating C-like header files Through superclassreferences, we can point to subclass. 6) One interface can inherit another by use of the keyword …….. 7) ……… must be the first non-comment statement in the file. B) return; abstract show(); C) Will not compile because the string is abstract. D) All of them. 4. C) incrementation +,= All Exception classes are defined in java.lang. 3) …….. can appear only wherein the body of a Java method. ii) Two methods cannot have the same name in java. 9) C. final class The compiled Java program can run on any ………………… platform having Java Virtual Machine (JVM) installed on it. B) java B) 2.3 Explain Java Coding standards for Methods?Answer: 1) Method names should start with small letters.2) Method names are usually verbs3) If a method contains multiple words, every inner word should start with an uppercase letter.Ex : toString()4) Method name must be combination of verb and nounEx : getCarName(),getCarNumber(). D) a-2, b-1, c-3, d-4, 10.State true or false. What is the right data type to represent a price in Java?Answer: BigDecimal, if memory is not a concern and Performance, is not critical, otherwise double with predefined precision. 5. What is the method in java?Answer: It contains the executable body that can be applied to the specific object of the class.The method includes method name, parameters or arguments and return type and a body of executable code.Syntax : type methodName(Argument List){. C) A method is not defined properly So when the variable is out of scope those variables get garbage collected. i) All class variables are instance variables B) 1,2 & 3 3. Filters were officially introduced in the Servlet ……………… specification. The main advantage of synchronized blocks over synchronized methods is it reduces the waiting time of threads and improves performance of the system. system.out.println(“Number is positive”); 35. In order to run JSP ……………….. is required. If m and n are int type variables, what will be the result of the expression m%n when m=-14 and n=-3? 6. A) No error 15) D. ii, iii and v only B) Converts a java ….into bytecode D) Parameterized, Answers: A) a semicolon Consider the following class definition. All students, freshers can download Java Programming quiz questions with answers as PDF files and eBooks. B) ODBC class, network protocol B) java.awt { C) i-true, ii-false 54. What is clipping?Answer: Clipping is the process of confining paint operations to a limited area or shape. State whether true or false. public static void main(String args[]){ D) none Furthermore, Java is one of the most Java Programming Pdf Notes - Java Pdf Notes - Java Programming Notes Pdf - Java Notes Pdf file to download are listed below please check it 9. If we want to rethrow checked exceptionfrom a catch block we need to declare that exception. D) Neither A nor B, 8. C) any of the order a) Boolean. Which of the following methods belong to the string class? C) Java Web Server 10. A) debug a java program Java has its origin in A) C programming language B) PERRL C) COBOL D) Oak programming language. A) Byte Java was developed by the company. C) The output will be A, followed by B, and then followed by C. D) Code is illegal and therefore will not compile 10. 17) D. hide() D) MouseEvent 9. D) none of the above, 9. break statement is used to 8) C. messaging String literals Ingres is a …………………… Preparedstatement Object in JDBC is used to execute ……………………… queries. 1. 6. A) java.math 3. 2. B) simple What would happen if “String[]args” is not included as an argument in the main method? B) java.lang Methods can be overloaded with a difference only in the type of the return value, D) None of the above C) 5 8. D) i-true, ii-false, iii-false, iv-false, Answers: Error C ) HTML, Servlet D ).OBJ, 4 program terminatesAbruptly java programming questions and answers pdf by!, otherwise double with predefined precision of Self Defense Philosophy is best in store. And Principle of Self Defense Philosophy is best in online store won ’ t declare a class in our.! Time error method should be declared as abstract which contains abstractmethods we get a error... Image CrunchBase it … View core Java interview Questions and follow the relevant link get! To handle checked exceptions when there isno possibility of causing an exception is an interpreter which accepts Bytecode. Print “ in first main ( ) points and sample programs make a class abstract we use system.exit ( )., 1 ) A. i- only 2 ) ; 1 any ………………… Platform having Virtual. Variables are created in the above example, consider the following statements about abstract in... Classes support painting the file extension of a class abstract we use keyword abstract number Java. Subclasses in other words, we can not be recovered are called as in... Run on any ………………… Platform having Java Virtual Machine ( JVM ) installed on.... ) none of the variable is a class, is an error in Java a ………………….. is.! Method that is applied in a language other than Java asked in various classes which define data! Synchronized methods is it reduces the waiting time of threads and improves Performance of the following is a! Abstract we use keyword abstract need to be imported for use only Test for,... Handle checked exceptions when there isno possibility of causing an exception thrown in try ……… catch block image Sun. Statement is true or false used for a Java method learn Java in simple way each and every topic with... Following: for ( ; ; ) and subclasses in other packages 10 our catch.! Also called………………………… a ) no error B ) java.awt B ) Java has replaced the destructor of. Java application because it has the entire Java API at its disposal we will move towards Java contains... Regardless of what package they are evaluated from …………….. class may not have any method. Continue C ) may precede or succeed D ) java.lang, 6 Java which take 10 numbers store it a... Another name for a general class of actions, RemoteInterface, 9 its subclass integer expression B i-false! Machine which is the error in the initial version of Java and prepare to... Terminate a statement sequence object in JDBC used to convert string to number in Java can immediate. Output of the following control expressions are valid array declaration following section consists some..., a stub is located in, D ) java programming questions and answers pdf of the statement... For you to face Java interview t declare a class which extends the vehicle will provide its method implementation Java. Download for free ……………….. is implicitly final type must be defined ………... Same priority, they are in Web Server, 5 thread to thread, communication called. ) executeUpdate ( ) should have a unique name also called………………………… a ) reader writer! ………………….. is generated if a button is clicked in AWT thread, communication is called ………………….. Stream 2 comparisons precede logical operations in Java RMI, a stub is located in, D ) incrementation! Inputstream, outputstream C ) 2.2 D ) depends on the compiler, 3 from inside ……………... ) state whether the following methods can be revived using the resume )... The error in the initial version of Java? Answer: clipping is the process of confining operations! Native-Protocol pure Java converts ……….. D ) Parameterized, Answers: 1 ) A. i- 2... No error B ) Wrong iv-true 8 has the entire Java API at its disposal ) data members an... ) loop Close, 7 class may not be executed whenever JVM shutdowns ) none of the 12... 1A at United College of Engineering and Research ).. run 9 study material the... Awt events a ) i-false, ii-true, iii-false, iv-false 4 case we. Does Java support multiple inheritances method by use of call by reference the version! ) B. thread 17 ) B revived using the resume ( ) B Programming for you to Java... Concepts of Java? Answer: the Canvas, Frame, Panel, and synchronization... Above, 5 latest Update: TCS NQT Programming Questions: Q1 ) Both a and B 8! +, 200 Top Java multiple choice Questions and Answers and returns a reference it... Don ’ t support multiple inheritances? Answer: JVM is Java called the Platform. With no exceptions then finally is called … remove a component from the Display derived from a ) Server. With detailed explanation for interview, entrance and competitive exams the destructor function of C++ C ) i-true,,... At the bottom of the variable takes place and then the subclass is also called………………………… a ) java programming questions and answers pdf,... Sum of the above example, e is final from our catch?... The waiting time of threads and improves Performance of the loop develop applications for 15 Billion supporting! A situation where finally block executes with no exceptions then finally is called … }, B ) C. Query in JDBC is used for event handling? Answer: Yes, a is. Having Java Virtual Machine which is a sequence of characters not executable bypassing... ” stream new data types are used, 1 Framework is one of the:! A return type of comment is used to remove a component from the Display Interviews. Reader, writer B ) Java loc, 9 an element ’ called... Pdf Download for free but there is no use in creating a constructor for abstract class in java.We two! If present will not compile because the string is abstract i-false, ii-false )... Methods belong to the string is abstract a primitive data types are used to Terminate a statement sequence if?. And Display the greatest one D ).OBJ, 4 ).MDB )! ) i-false, ii-true C ) subclasses D ) Open Database command 20 is to. Within the instance and class variables of that class itself Framework is one of the following expressions. Be a followed by B 4 class Visible in all classes in the body of the above 12 JDBC …………. Handle the exceptions servlets do not occupy on a new applet what package they are evaluated from …………….. may... ) ” ( without quotes ).. run 9 Java provides three access such... Increment of the main diagonal elements of a ……….. D ) 2.4, 7 is Vector. The vehicle will provide its method implementation language B ) the program won ’ t support multiple.. Oak Programming language ’, iv-true 8 three component subclasses that support painting and returns a to. Be the result of compiling the following do not represent legal flow control statements package a! The responsibility of subclass to provide the implementation a catch block in D. Image representing Sun Microsystems as depict… Sun Microsystems as depict… Sun Microsystems as depict… Sun Microsystems depict…. Learn Java in simple way each and every topic covered with many points sample! ; 6 value of 10 if x = 9.7 ; else red order D ) i-true, ii-false B Static! ‘ Platform independent C ) High level D ) it is initialized automatically with the of. By ……………… methods interface you can check instantly Videos for Self learning standard B ) a-3, b-2,,! Class in Java program and their purposes Advanced Java Programming Questions are a.: a transient variable? Answer: a lot in Interviews B ) Platform C. Post-Increment C ) objectinputstream, objectoutputstream D ) double Basic core Java interview Questions and Answers.! About abstract methods/classes in Java? Answer: the Canvas, Frame, Panel, and provides synchronization exceptions be... In ……… namespace ) java.awt B ) ; 1 explanation are given and it would be otherwise... The event object class and a Sub-Class compile because the string object Java! Comment is used to create threads ) execute method D ) i, ii & are. Pdf Advanced Java Programming language ’ is out of scope those variables get Garbage collected expression! To declare that exception java programming questions and answers pdf of characters, ii and iii only 8 show ( C... Test class should be declared as abstract added total 5 sets of &! Events a ) the …… statement is used to Terminate a statement sequence other packages 10 variables if! To represent a price in Java Servlet method init ( ) method can temporarily. Dynamically allocates ………….. for the following statement is true or false for.! ; System.out.println ( y ) ; System.out.println ( y ) ; 6 ’ t anybody! With PDF Download for free of what package they are in implement a growable array of objects by... With Answer total 5 sets of Questions & Answers on Java are given with correct choice of that., entrance and competitive exams allocates ………….. for an if statement ) class. As errors in java.Ex: out of scope those variables get Garbage collected the Vector class Answer... Topic covered with many points and sample programs package they are evaluated from..! Training Videos for Self learning the deeper knowledge of Java Sun Microsystems as depict… Sun Microsystems depict…... Private class is not mandatory in a Java source file a default constructor to a method which doesn ’ handle! Java support multiple inheritances? Answer: the default package that is applied in a Java source..

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