Her alter ego is Cure Guitarist (キュアギタリスト Kyua Gitarisuto). Appears in. Anime Memes. Tsukishima is very tall and has a lanky, incredibly slim build for a volleyball player. She is a member of Guilty Kiss, a sub-unit under Aqours. Soulmate AU where you can only see your soulmates eye color. YOU HAVE TO LISTEN TO EVERY SONG HE PUT. Personality . Kei Tsukishima • 108 Pins. She didn't care about anything. Other. He has short blond hair, and his eyes are golden brown. He’d probs over-apply too so it would overpower whatever his natural scent is. He looked to check the stranger’s hand, and sure enough, it was his phone. He has short blond hair, pale skin, thin eyebrows and golden-brown eyes. Anime Crossovers. Sunshine!!. Yoshiko Tsushima, also known as Yohane (ヨハネ Yohane), is one of the nine main characters of Love Live! 2 Followers • 22 Following. Criminal. Bokuto’s eyes widened as he watched, completely entranced by the new and improved Karasuno team. Tsukishima is a character that briefly appears in the substory Date's Pride in Yakuza 3. Youko Tsukishima; nee: Asami (月島 洋子 ) is a character in the Cross Game series. He wears Karasuno's black, orange, and white uniform with the number 11 on it. _____ Before you could collapse, however, his arms reached out to wrap around your waist. Tsukishima’s eyes squeeze shut as she does, and when he opens them he can clearly see Y/N beaming up at him as she ruffles his hair. Brown. That’s fact. She is good at any sports. Follow. He’d pick some named “Ocean, Fresh Ocean” something like that, it’s like a light, translucent blue color. Kei Tsukishima • 57 Pins. Golden | Soulmate AU | Tsukishima Kei X Reader _____ Soulmate AU where you can only see your soulmates eye color. He is arrested after shooting and killing Keisuke. He went to the doctors two weeks ago and they told him volleyball was going to disappear in his near future. Tsukishima looked up to a tan boy with a messy bedhead, his hair covering half of his otherwise sincere expression . Ikuya is a muscular, though smaller-framed young man with deep teal hair, vermilion eyes and long, black eyelashes. Tsukihime (Japanese: 月姫, lit. She's the wife of Seiji Tsukishima and the mother of Ichiyou, Wakaba, Aoba and Momiji. ゚☆ christmas ornaments. He is also the only player on the Karasuno team who wears glasses. word count: 808 authors note: reupload because tumblr hates me
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