The Cedar County Treasurer’s Office is now open. Tel: 417.276.6700 ext. Cedar County Collector. { msg1 += "entered for the search you selected. EFFECTIVE JANUARY 1, 2020 the Cedar County Treasurer’s 402-254-7412. Closed Holidays. Location. Assessor's Office; Homestead Exemptions. Dewey County Treasurer . Office Hours: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday. msg3=dl + "The percent sign (%) and underscore ( _ ) characters cannot be" + dl; } //next I Helpful Hints Located on Courthouse 3rd Floor, Elevator Access Only. return false; Heather York 113 South Street Stockton, MO 65785 Tel: 417.276.6700 Ext. It was named for the Red Cedar River, which runs through the county, and it is the only Iowa county which shares the name of a tree. } this page (Control D) and then follow these instructions. var valid=1; //1=true; 0=false Notice of Budget Hearing January 04,2021 Call the Iowa City VA Medical Center at 1-800-637-0128 to request assistance. Year Residents and businesses may conduct County business online, by phone, by email, by mail, and by drop boxes located outside County buildings. If you have any questions, please give us a call. var nxt=null; Cedar Courthouse Address. Since 1987 marriage licenses have been issued by the county clerk’s office. msg3+="used in the search criteria. Tax District Every effort is made to insure accurate information is posted to this site. Cedar County, Iowa - County Treasurer . Cedar County Circuit Clerk Melinda Gumm . return true; Helpful Hints For More Information: Cedar County Emergency Management 1410 Cedar St. Tipton, IA 52772 Mailing Address: 400 Cedar St. Tipton, IA 52772 Tel: (563) 886-3355 The Constitution of the State of Nebraska distributes the judicial power of the state among the Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, ­district courts, and county courts. function verify(f) } These files have been created in a PDF format. var goodChar="0123456789 "; NOTICE: The Dewey County Commissioners enacted a County Emergency Declaration regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. All rights reserved. } //end for if (failedChk) Office Hours. } //if text element var msg2=""; + dl; } //if element is not empty Public inquiries can be made by phone, mail, fax Contact the Cedar County VA Administrator at (563) 886-2170 to obtain the forms 3. Information about the Cedar County Treasurer's Office. closeDepWin; failedChk=1; //at least one field is populated ... Cedar County Courthouse 400 Cedar Street Tipton, IA 52772. failedChk=1; Cedar County Treasurer is 101 South Broadway Avenue, Hartington, NE 68739 address.. You can contact us by 402-254-7421 phone number , email address or website.. To learn more about Cedar County Treasurer you can visit web address . Due to the high volume of phone calls to the Treasurer's Office, phone hold times could exceed 30 minutes. These forms are from the county Treasurers office and are for general public use. Office Hours. Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-4pm. (You must For instructions on enabling Java Script in Netscape, bookmark { //there are invalid characters in at least one field Java Script.) County staff continue to work on-site and remotely to provide County services to the public. { History. Cedar County Law Enforcement Center 711 E. South St. Tipton, IA 52772-1977 Phone Contacts: … Cedar County Courthouse 400 Cedar Street Tipton, IA 52772 Courthouse Hours 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. Driver License Hours Monday-Thursday 8:30am to 3:30pm Appointments are required. Office Phone. Official Cedar County, Iowa website, the main site for all things related to County Government in Cedar County, Iowa. The county clerk is the bookkeeper of the county and must countersign all vendor and payroll checks approved by the board which have been signed by the chairman. Staff. your browser does not recognize Java Script or it is not activated. function chkValidity(theField) The Internet Explorer browser has } Welcome to the Cedar County Treasurer’s Office. Java Script activated by default. Cedar County Courthouse 101 S Broadway Ave Hartington, NE 68739. What are the Duties of the Circuit Clerk: The Circuit Clerk is the "Keeper of the Records". if ( == "bycert") Many of the records prepared in the Auditor's office are maintained permanently and are available for public use. or linked to this site. After several weeks of limiting public access due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Cedar County Courthouse will reopen to the public access on June 8, 2020. if ((f.elements[i].value == "") || (f.elements[i].value == null) || (f.elements[i].value == " ")) Cedar County, Iowa - Recorder. var msg; The Cedar County Courthouse, and by default the Cedar County Assessor's office, is closed to the public - effective immediately. Appointments are required for all services in the Drivers License Department. Treasurer; University Extension; Cedar County Courthouse, Stockton, MO. It was used, however, for school exhibitions, … or guarantee the accuracy, reliability or timeliness of the content on this site or content which is referenced by var msg1=""; Cedar County Treasurer is 101 South Broadway Avenue, Hartington, NE 68739 address. //loop thru each element (field) in this form, checking to be sure that else Location if(goodChar.indexOf(theField.charAt(v)) == -1) {valid=0;} Choose one of the following search methods and complete as much of the { if (f.elements[i].name == "TSCT" && !chkValidity(document.bycert.TSCT.value)) 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Address of Veteran's Affairs office: Cedar County Courthouse 400 Cedar Street Tipton, IA 52772 In Hartington Criminal Courts, the government brings a case against a defendant who is accused of breaking the law. information requested as possible. Tax Sale Certificate Inquiry Then click on the button for that method. Cedar County, Iowa Treasurers Forms. Our very efficient staff will be glad to help you with your vehicle licensing, property tax payments or drivers license. }// end if bycert Board Members return valid; What are the Duties of the County Treasurer? Mitchell County Treasurer: Shannon Paulus. { Cedar County, Iowa - Environmental Health and Zoning Forms These forms are from the Cedar County, Iowa Environmental Health and Zoning office and are for general public use. {valid="\n\t" + "Year" + dl;} Treasurer; University Extension Duties of County Clerk Election & Voter Registration Info Election Results Financial Statements . The official Cedar County Nebraska website Cedar County Treasurer Peggy Kenney . //Check each position in the field for a digit or blank Credit and exemption forms, property records cards, aerial photos, etc., are all available online. The County Clerk is secretary to the County Board of Commissioners. Parcel ID Cedar County is filled with beautiful places and friendly people. if (f.elements[i].name == "UID" && !chkValidity(document.byparcel.UID.value)) if (f.elements[i].name == "TSYR" && !chkValidity(document.bycert.TSYR.value)) Redistribution of data from this site for commercial purposes is prohibited!.!.! Treasurer's Office Indiana County Courthouse 825 Philadelphia St. Indiana, PA 15701-3973. 402-254-7411 (County Clerk) Hours. To learn more about Cedar County Treasurer you can visit web address, The official Cedar County Nebraska website, Grow your marketing and be happy with your online business. var n=0; {valid+="\t" + "Unique ID" + dl;} 2. Services offered by the Cedar County Courthouse. { { 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday - Friday (Closed most state and federal holidays) The Courthouse will return to its regular access hours of 8:00am – 4:00pm, Monday through Friday, on that date. 224. Inquire by Parcel #: if (f.elements[i].type == "text") {n = n + 1;} msg += msg1 + msg2 + msg3; Office Hours. Then click on the button for that method. if (b==1) This helps me stay up to date with any and all new requirements. } { var valid=""; Staff: Laurel Gisleson, Deputy Treasurer Kassandra Seter, Clerk Sandra Wagner, Clerk. Please dress respectably; business or business-casual clothing is acceptable. }// if byparcel form Valid characters are 0-9 and blank" + dl; if (badChar.test(f.elements[i].value)) {b=1;} We invite you to visit our friendly communities and get to know about us. We appreciate your patience and understanding. The Cedar County District Court is in session the last two weeks of a month from 9:00-12:00 and 1:30 – 4:30 in the courtroom located on the second floor within the County courthouse. msg2 += valid; Try using wild cards." 222 Fax: 417.276.3461. msg2 += "contain invalid characters. The Cedar County Courthouse, located in Hartington, Nebraska is a government institution where legal disputes are resolved in accordance with the law. var msg3=""; Hours Office is open: 8:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. var dl="\n"; The responsibility of a Circuit Clerk is to receive new filings of civil lawsuits, criminal cases, and domestic relations matters. if (nxt!=null) {nxt.focus();} Assessor. New glass has been installed above the counters at the Assessor, Clerk and Treasurer offices to better reduce the chances employees or customers could contract the COVID-19 virus at the courthouse. This site designed, developed, hosted and maintained by. Located on Courthouse Main Floor Rm.#1. if ( == "byparcel") IDPH News Release- Iowa Birth Certificate Exchange. have Netscape 2.0 and above OR Internet Explorer 3.0 and above to utilize Please call 563-886-2557. Be sure to use " + dl; Cedar County Nebraska has offices for the election commissioner, treasurer, weed superintendent and clerk district court. alert(msg); News and Announcements. Fax: 417.276.4658. t=t+1; Cedar County Clerk Heather York . In order to ensure continued County Government operations, access to the Dewey County Courthouse has been restricted. The County Treasurer serves as a custodian of county funds. Helpful Hints if (f.elements[i].name == "TAXD" && !chkValidity(document.byparcel.TAXD.value)) 101 S Broadway Hartington, NE 68739. nxt=document.byparcel.TAXD; { openDepWin(); Hours: 8:00 – 4:30 Monday – Friday Drivers License Counter closes at 4:00 PM. Homestead Exemption Information For additional help, click on any of the helpful hints links. { Disclaimer: {valid="\n\t" + "Tax District" + dl;} Tax Sale Certificate Inquiry requires the use of Java Script. Phone: (724) 465-3845. var t=0; // --> msg1 = "The search was not executed because there is no data " + dl; Stockton, MO 65785. However, Cedar County, Iowa does not warrant If you have been selected for jury duty, report to the clerk's office. msg += "___________________________________________________________ "; Either 101 South Broadway Avenue, Hartington, NE 68739, US. The Cedar County Courthouse is located in Tipton, Iowa, United States.The present courthouse is the third structure the county has used for court functions and county administration. } // end function chkValidity Name. Offices not located in County Courthouse Information. nxt=document.bycert.TSYR; Cedar County Commissioners agreed at their May 26 meeting to open the courthouse June 1. Meets 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month. Lisa Nelson. Marina Bullard, Deputy Collector . Thanks for stopping by. As Clerk-Treasurer, I attend State Board of Accounts meetings and attend conferences specific to the duties of my office. The office of the Clerk-Treasurer is ever changing and I intend to keep up with the responsibilities that impact the financial well-being of this Town. Rochester was Cedar County's first county seat.The log building built there as a courthouse and jail may never have been used for court purposes. For additional help, click on any of the helpful hints links. msg1 += "keyed." var failedChk=0; var badChar = /[%_]/; //text fields cannot contain these chars Driver Examiners Thursday ONLY Welcome to the Treasurer's Office. Links. //Verify that there is data in the current form and not in the others Inquire by Name: Phone. msg2 = "The search was not executed because the following field(s) " + dl; { 113 South Street. Tax Sale {valid+="\t" + "Certificate #" + dl;} Real Estate Choose one of the following search methods and complete as much of the The county employees working in © Placefind 2021 . {valid+="\t" + "Parcel ID" + dl;} Please call our office at 563-886-2557 to schedule an appointment. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); You can contact us by 402-254-7421 phone number , email address or website. information requested as possible. Courthouse located in Tipton, Iowa. These files have been created in a PDF format. Certificate # Recorder Inquire by Tax Sale Certificate #: Cedar County Driver License & Vehicle Registration hours of operation, address, available services & more. PO Box 280. CALL TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT FOR DRIVERS LICENSE: (641) 832-3940. msg = "___________________________________________________________ " + dl +dl; About; History . if (valid.length>0) if ((n==t) && (t!=0)) failedChk=1; O’Brien County Treasurer 2nd Floor Courthouse 155 S Hayes Ave PO Box 310 Primghar IA 51245. Cedar County Nebraska also provides information on valuation protests and on religions, charitable and educational tax exemptions. RECORDER ISSUES WARNING : The Office of the County Recorder was created by the First Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Iowa in 1839. for(var v=0;v<=theField.length-1;v++) + dl +dl; ... Cedar County Clerk. } //end function verify These figures are then certified to the County Treasurer's Office. Closed - Martin Luther King Day Cedar County Courthouse will be closed Monday, January 18th in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. via or this website. Phone: 712-957-3210 Motor Vehicle: 712-957-4185 Driver License: 712-957-3208 Fax: 712-957-0015 Hours: Office Hours: 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday - Friday (Closed most state and federal holidays) *Watch for extended hours during November and December The office of Indiana County Treasurer is an elected position with a four-year term. Fax: (724) 465-3848. if (f.elements[i].name == "PID" && !chkValidity(document.byparcel.PID.value)) Alternate web site msg1 += "the button that corresponds to the information you " + dl; Location: Mitchell County Courthouse, 212 S. 5TH ST. Osage, IA 50461 for(var i=0; i

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