Contents. How to Set Weather to Clear. In Minecraft Java 1.16, I can use the /data get block command to get the contents of a chest: /data get block -121 76 105 Items[0] Which tells me that the chest has one map#48 in the upper-left slot:-121, 76, 105 has the following block data: {Slot: 0b, id: "minecraft:filled_map", tag: {map: 48}, count: 1b} Also, I can use /data modify entity .. You can easily make mistakes when composing data tags in Minecraft. /time ändert die Tageszeit. Therefore you can spawn the item using the following: Se connecter. You can add multiple tags (or properties) when giving yourself an item. Der Tag-Nacht-Rhythmus ist der regelmäßige Wechsel zwischen Tag und Nacht. In Minecraft PS4 Edition, there are different syntaxes depending on what you would like to do with the tags. is not affiliated with Mojang. The NBT tag is always surrounded in {} such as {NoAI:1}. 1 Syntax 2 Arguments 3 Result 4 History 5 See also team add [] team empty team join [] team leave team list [] team modify

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